December Catch Up


{ December 1st – December 14th, 2014 }

These past couple of weeks have been crazy. I have been doing a lot of Christmas & vacation prep. Also, getting over a really bad cold that almost lasted 2 weeks that I started getting in KC! I didn’t document via photos that well, so I will just catch you up so then I can be good for Christmas, mostly. ;)  Some of the stuff that went down…

+ Ryder got his own Advent Calendar this year thanks to Omi & Opi. HE LOVES IT! Everyday he is so excited to look for the numbers on the door so he can open and eat his chocolate :) (Photo above)

+ Shopping ~ I found a Groupon for Christmas cards with Photo Affections & got a great deal! They were a better price than last year when I got ours with Tiny Prints on sale. I finally ordered a camera bag for my camera! I have been nervously carrying it around hoping it wouldn’t get damaged ha… I got the butterscotch Allison bag from JoTotes. I ordered it on Cyber Monday so it was a much better deal. Love it! I also went to Target more times that I would have liked.

+ Kevin went on a business trip to Indianapolis with my dad from December 2nd through the 4th. When the men came back into town, we ate at Bann Thai and got some pad Thai :P So good! (Photo above).

+ The Revenge finale happened & OH MY GOSH. It was good but yeah, can’t give anything away! :O And since we are on the topic of TV… Kevin and I got caught up on New Girl, Mindy Project, Shark Tank, & The Profit. Good times! We can’t wait for The Bachelor to start with Chris!

+ Ry & I joined my mom & Hunter for dinner at Dominic’s. I had never eaten there but seen the restaurant for years. It was good! They had a lot of Italian food as well as other cuisine. We went because Hunter’s friends’ parents own it.

+ We had a play date at Gwen’s house. Abby came too. The kids all “made” felt Christmas trees to decorate with felt ornaments… aka the moms made them ha! (Photo above).

+ Saint Nick came and brought us some German food (spaetzle, dumplings), some ornaments, German chocolates, & Gummi bears on Saint Nick’s Day… December 6th! (Photo above of treats in our boots) Love being German :)

+ We found a new home for Katinka which is a separate post in its own but all in all, I think we made the right choice for her and for us. Of course I am sad, but I think her new family couldn’t be more perfect and she even has a dog friend…and she is only a minute away! Will expound on this later.

+ We ate dinner and watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional at my parents one Sunday evening.

+ Finally got my hair cut! It had been so long. The last time I got it cut was when I donated a bunch of it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths to be made into a wig for cancer patients (more on that HERE). My hair had grown out all wonky and it was time! It feels so much better now. I need it to grow a little longer now :)

+ Kevin & my dad also went on another trip to Atlanta from December 10th through the 11th. Meanwhile, my mom and Hunter went to Café Rio. Always a good choice!

+ I’ve been wrapping lots of presents which I love to do :)

+ I had Ryder make a card for Addie Lynn (photos above). If you Google Addie Lynn or look up “Little Addie” on Facebook, you can read about her and her family. Addie is a 6 year old girl who is actually tinier than Ryder. She stopped growing at age 3. Her mom first noticed she stopped being able to hold a crayon, or hold a spoon. She stopped developing in all ways and is slowly forgetting everything she knows. She has a mysterious condition of the brain that is atrophying. This will be her last Christmas. Her wish is for a lifetime of Christmas cards. So we sent her our card along with Ryder’s pictures! She has been receiving lots of cards (& the post office has had to hire more people to work there because of it). Everyone is sending her cards and presents from all over the world. Read her story. She is a sweet girl & send her a card if you can!

+ Bekah Wilkey & her girl Carmen & Ry & I went shopping for sandals for Ryder. ( Photo of Ry & Carmen above in Old Navy ha. ) We struck out everywhere! We tried: Once Upon a Child, Target, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Old Navy, Crazy 8, Children’s Place, Babies ‘r’ Us, & I called different Old Navy locations & looked at store inventory online for Famous Footwear, etc.… We were needing to get Ryder some flip flops for a trip we are going on soon where it is warm :) I ended up ordering some off Amazon. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! We ate at Chik-fil-a after since we were all tired and hungry from shopping!

+ We went to our Ward Christmas Party. The food was delicious haha. I love funeral potatoes… The Primary kids put on a cute program. All the kids got little lights to hold and Ryder was in heaven because of that. We had a fun evening!

+ We saw Santa…more on that later!

+ We had the missionaries over to share a message.

+ Sunday usual ~ Church, Kevin or I have a church meeting (this week it was Kevin’s turn), we got home taught… the good stuff! I visited Katinka & brought her more of her stuff… and we watched Shark Tank to end the night!

Overall, everyday, I have been really busy, just getting ready for Christmas and our trip. So yeah, I think I will be prepared :)

Hope your December is turning out nicely!


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