Pre-Thanksgiving Hibernation


{ November 10th – 20th, 2014 }

A big winter storm hit so we kind of hibernated this week and the following…before our Kansas City trip (which will be the next blog post)! Besides the snow though & it keeping us in a little bit more, we had fun!

What went down:

+ Kevin went to Nashville for a business trip from November 10-11th.

+ I did a ton of reading…the perfect snow storm activity!!! I flew through the Delirium series!

+ Met up with Abby DeGraff at the Council Tree Library for story time. Ryder was kind of naughty ha. He threw away some stuff in the trash that wasn’t trash… props the kids played with and my iPhone…so that was fun to dig out ;)

+ The Missionaries came over for dinner & we had some yummy Italian pasta that Kevin made. I am still thinking about the homemade sauce and noodles!!! Then Kevin peaced out quick to go to a member’s house for genealogy. I guess it was a church-y day!

+ I sold clothes at Plato’s Closet & Clothes Mentor…and meanwhile, we killed time in Pier 1 Imports and Ryder broke a vase by running by it (not playing with it)…and it was super embarrassing haha! It cost $55…and immediately we kept saying, “We will pay for it! We will buy it!” Then the girls assured us that things break AT LEAST one time every day from customers. One girl said she has even broke 7 things herself. They were just glad that no one was hurt. I guess the air must have knocked it over? Or maybe Ryder’s coat? So weird! But then in the end, I didn’t feel bad ha. I did want to buy something because of it and Kevin said no and just wanted us to leave lol.  Then we had a date and took the Ry man to Nordy’s BBQ. It was DELICIOUS!!! Love their cornbread muffins so much!!!

+ Sunday was jam packed full of church, as usual. But we had two extra meetings than usual… tithing settlement at 10:30 am, 11 am – Relief Society Presidency Meeting, 1 pm – church, 4:30 pm – Kevin had home teaching, 6 pm – Ward Family Fireside! Very hectic! The Fireside was cool though. Our liaison for the Fort Collins Temple (the Tingey’s) spoke about their experience with the planning and construction of the temple. It was cool except for Ryder was a little crazy. They had ice-cream sundaes afterwords which were surprisingly delicious! Homemade and fresh strawberries and syrup on top, SO good.

+ We really did a lot of trip prep – laundry all day, Target runs, checking out and returning new books from the library, cleaning, last minute annoying insurance phone call type stuff, etc.

+ Had a few doctor appointments…saw my rheumatologist. Ryder did GREAT for that appointment!

+ Ate at Mimi’s Café with my mom, NaNet, & their friend Janiene Brewster who used to live here along with her son Tony while we were growing up here. They have amazing quiches – go get one!

+ I went to a Relief Society Mid-Week Activity where we had a yummy soup dinner (potato soup was LEGIT), salads, & Texas Roadhouse rolls. It was the Christmas activity…

Next Up: KC Thanksgiving Trip!

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