Pre-Thanksgiving Hibernation


{ November 10th – 20th, 2014 }

A big winter storm hit so we kind of hibernated this week and the following…before our Kansas City trip (which will be the next blog post)! Besides the snow though & it keeping us in a little bit more, we had fun!

What went down:

+ Kevin went to Nashville for a business trip from November 10-11th.

+ I did a ton of reading…the perfect snow storm activity!!! I flew through the Delirium series!

+ Met up with Abby DeGraff at the Council Tree Library for story time. Ryder was kind of naughty ha. He threw away some stuff in the trash that wasn’t trash… props the kids played with and my iPhone…so that was fun to dig out ;)

+ The Missionaries came over for dinner & we had some yummy Italian pasta that Kevin made. I am still thinking about the homemade sauce and noodles!!! Then Kevin peaced out quick to go to a member’s house for genealogy. I guess it was a church-y day!

+ I sold clothes at Plato’s Closet & Clothes Mentor…and meanwhile, we killed time in Pier 1 Imports and Ryder broke a vase by running by it (not playing with it)…and it was super embarrassing haha! It cost $55…and immediately we kept saying, “We will pay for it! We will buy it!” Then the girls assured us that things break AT LEAST one time every day from customers. One girl said she has even broke 7 things herself. They were just glad that no one was hurt. I guess the air must have knocked it over? Or maybe Ryder’s coat? So weird! But then in the end, I didn’t feel bad ha. I did want to buy something because of it and Kevin said no and just wanted us to leave lol.  Then we had a date and took the Ry man to Nordy’s BBQ. It was DELICIOUS!!! Love their cornbread muffins so much!!!

+ Sunday was jam packed full of church, as usual. But we had two extra meetings than usual… tithing settlement at 10:30 am, 11 am – Relief Society Presidency Meeting, 1 pm – church, 4:30 pm – Kevin had home teaching, 6 pm – Ward Family Fireside! Very hectic! The Fireside was cool though. Our liaison for the Fort Collins Temple (the Tingey’s) spoke about their experience with the planning and construction of the temple. It was cool except for Ryder was a little crazy. They had ice-cream sundaes afterwords which were surprisingly delicious! Homemade and fresh strawberries and syrup on top, SO good.

+ We really did a lot of trip prep – laundry all day, Target runs, checking out and returning new books from the library, cleaning, last minute annoying insurance phone call type stuff, etc.

+ Had a few doctor appointments…saw my rheumatologist. Ryder did GREAT for that appointment!

+ Ate at Mimi’s Café with my mom, NaNet, & their friend Janiene Brewster who used to live here along with her son Tony while we were growing up here. They have amazing quiches – go get one!

+ I went to a Relief Society Mid-Week Activity where we had a yummy soup dinner (potato soup was LEGIT), salads, & Texas Roadhouse rolls. It was the Christmas activity…

Next Up: KC Thanksgiving Trip!


Welcome November!


{ November 1st – 9th, 2014 }

November has been busy, cold, and snowy :/ …and I am now realizing I have kind of slacked with photos and documenting it…but here is what I got… I did get the new iPhone 6 that has a BETTER camera than my old iPhone 4 & somehow I have taken less photos!!! Working on that…now!!!

+ Kevin had an account in town – Washington Bookstore buyers – and so he invited Ry & I to join him, them, Mike Puccetti, Nick Gendill, my dad, Hunter, & Patrick at the Washington vs. CU game in Boulder! The last football game we took Ryder to, he loved! Good old BYU Football and he still talks about it…so of course, we decided to come along! It was kind of cold, but bearable. Washington ended up winning! OH…and that morning, Kevin showed me some Washington hats he brought home from work so I picked one and decided to cheer for them that day haha. I chose the right team ;) But Patrick does go to CU…ha…next game I will root for them! The stadium was really scenic (panorama shots above)! Beautiful mountains! Just amazing. I had never really been on CU campus but it was sweet! The first half of the football game, my dad, Patrick, Hunter, & I sat in the best seats ever! They were basically on the field and we had a waiter (photos above). I ordered a pulled pork sandwich. SO GOOD!!! Then the second half of the game, the Washington people went down there and we sat up on the bleachers with Kevin, Ryder, & Nick. Ryder was in heaven!

+ Cars Night! My mom was out of town in Hawaii and my dad has been wanting to introduce Cars to Ryder since he hadn’t seen it, so we had a Cars movie night! We ate crappy Nascar food haha, hot dogs, etc. ;) It was actually the lovely Daylights Savings Day so we were all a little tired! Ryder loved the movie! We need to buy this for him sometime soon! Next we want to do a Cars 2 night!

+ Kevin was the sweetest & switched all of my iPhone 4 stuff over to my iPhone 6. I’m loving it! So glad I got a new one! Gosh, my old one was going downhill!

+ Ryder & I joined Kevin for lunch at work…he forgot some important stuff he needed that day ;)

+ We knew the last of the snow-free days were coming so we made sure to hit up the park, even if it was a little chilly. One evening, we met up with Bekah Wilkey & Carmen. Ryder & Carmen had fun chasing a ball around and we ran into some friends from church!

+ Kevin went on a business trip to Newark to meet with Barnes & Noble from November 4-5th…

+ Oh, I voted…Republican ;) (Photo above)

+ Ryder & I took Hunter on a little evening date. We hit up Barnes & Noble (I got a planner), Old Navy (got a camo lightweight coat), & ate at Larkburger – Hunter’s choice (& photos above)! Ryder LOVED his fries and the side of edamame we got. Fun times!

+ We met up with Gwen Valles & Abby DeGraff at Miramont Park. We ate our lunches there and basically I ended up chasing Ryder around a soccer field. He would not stay by the park ha. Oli & Finn & Ryder had fun stealing some boys soccer balls and playing in a lacrosse goal (photo above of Finn & Ryder’s faces smashed into the goal). HAHA.

+ Took Ryder to get his haircut and he thought it was ticklish…it was hilarious (photo above). I asked if he liked his haircut and he always is talking about it and saying “Like it?” & yelling “LIKE IT!!!!”

+ Ryder & I met up with Ashley Bean & Bekah Wilkey at Water’s Way Park… It was the last day where I remember the sun being warm on my back. We ate our lunches there of course and had a good time! Then Ashley Bean sent me an amazing pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe which I made (photo above) & it was SO GOOD!

+ Kevin went on a day business trip to Chicago on November 7th.

+ Ryder & I did Body Define Yoga & hit up Warren Park with Abby DeGraff. The boys liked the teeter-totter (photo above). I think that was Ry’s first time on one and he loved it. It got too cold and windy so we had to leave early!

+ Kevin went to Denver to the Temple because of the Stake Youth Temple Day. Later that evening, we ate at Café Mexicali with my family because I was really wanting it and HELLO, it’s amazing. Definitely had to put that in here.

+ After Church on Sunday, Kevin made an amazing dinner for my family – ribs, mashed potatoes, asparagus, & bruschetta. We had a yummy Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream cake afterwards. It was great!!

Well, it is now snowing hardcore so it is keeping us in a little more…until next time ;)



Pumpkin Carving, Royals in the World Series, & Halloween!


{ October 27 – 31st, 2014 }

This week was full of Halloween festivities! Lots of fun :)

+ But first, we went to a new fun trampoline place called Fly High Trampoline Park with some friends after the gym. We met up with Abby DeGraff, Heather Hartman, Carrie Woolley, Erin Neville, & Cosette Crane. Ryder was afraid of the trampolines at the very beginning but at the end he was loving them! He carried around two big balls the whole time (1st photo above haha) & was in heaven. He would run up and down the trampolines. He also loved the music since it was loud. And as you can tell, the moms had fun too (photo above…PS. Didn’t get the memo it was a “Mom’s only” photo so I’m holding Ryder and of course, jumped too late so I look super lame ;) We will be going back!

+  Kevin went on a business trip to Utah from October 27th to the 28th.

+ Because of all his traveling and accounts in town, we kind of ran out of time to go to the pumpkin patch as a family… :( Of course, Ryder & I went on 3 play dates to them haha. I ended up having to run to King Sooper’s to get overpriced lame pumpkins because Kevin only had a small window of time when he could carve them! We carved (me really) pumpkins during a Royals game (they were in the World Series)… I carved Ryder a Mickey Mouse pumpkin which kind of turned out lame haha. I accidentally made the Mickey Mouse face WAY TOO BIG that you could see into the whole pumpkin lol. Usually I think things through but I was trying to get it finished before he went to bed… I learned my lesson lol. He did like the pumpkin though!!! He wanted to carry his pumpkin full of candy out to it and eat candy while looking at it (photo above) ;) The next day I carved my pumpkin into an owl which turned out awesome but I didn’t get any good photos of it! Kevin procrastinated and didn’t even carve his pumpkin! Next year!

+ While Kevin was out of town, Josh & Emily Peterson (& baby Skyler) came over and brought me a Mary’s Mountain Cookie since they knew I was all alone. They were SO nice to do that! We hung out for a bit and then they left back home to Loveland. They are the best!!

+ I checked out a new series at the library, the Delirium series written by Lauren Oliver & I am loving them! I am currently in the second book, Pandemonium. I highly recommend them! (Photo above)

+ I had to do some insurance paperwork at some of my doctors in Loveland so I stopped by Wee Steps since Gwen told me they were having their Halloween Party that day. I invited Emily Peterson to come along with. We just hung out and talked and ate some yummy Halloween treats they had. It was fun! Oh, and funny thing, Gwen was wearing a San Francisco Giants t-shirt & I was wearing a Kansas City Royals zip up hoody so of course we got a picture… (photo above)…FYI I just came from the gym guys!!!

+ The Kansas City Royals were in Game 7 of the World Series vs. the San Francisco Giants so obviously we watched it! Kevin is in Young Men's so he made them come over to watch the game at our house haha. Unfortunately they lost…but they did play well in all of the playoffs & World Series! Cool that they did so well!

+ Tiny Tots Trick-or-Treating on Halloween: Gwen & Anna invited us to join them for Tiny Tots Trick-or-Treating in downtown Fort Collins! We met up at 10 am and downtown was a ZOO! I was shocked how popular it was. It was actually kind of cold too. Luckily, I had Ryder in the stroller so I wasn’t chasing him haha. But we pushed the kiddos around and they said “….treat!” and got candy ;) It was fun but then just got too crazy and cold! ( Photo above of the kiddos! )

+ Halloween! Ryder’s 1st time legit trick-or-treating happened! And it was probably one of the funnest nights in a long time! Kevin and I took him out for an hour and he just was loving it. He would say “trick or treat” but mostly treat…and would say “thank you.” Almost every house we went to, he would be like “WOOK!!!” and crouch down and get a good look at the carved pumpkins on everyone’s doorsteps. Sometimes he would walk to the next house and sometimes we would carry him. It was so funny that he struggled to get candy sometimes due to his Rio bird gloves ;) We chose a new neighborhood kind of behind ours that is full of a bunch of ranch-style homes. We were hoping they would be more older people who would be home instead of families off trick-or-treating themselves and we were right! Some of the people wanted to talk to us for 5-10 minutes lol. One lady was waving us over to her house! They would ask “So which house are you in?” etc… so the people we trick-or-treated at needed the trick-or-treaters haha. It was fun. The people were so cute. Then Kevin had to go do dinner with an account in town and I put Ryder to bed and passed out candy to the trick-or-treaters at our home.

What a fun Halloween Week! That should be it!