Ward Halloween Party


{ October 24th, 2014 }

We had a blast our Ward Halloween Party! Ryder was Blue from Rio ;) Okay he is a parrot but all birds are Rio so I got it. I showed it to him and he said, “Rio!” He just loves the movie Rio so it was a perfect costume for him. Kevin got home from work and was like “What should I wear?” We remembered he had a Brazil t-shirt and Brazil Snapback so it worked out perfectly, since Rio is a Brazilian movie :) I, of course, wore my parrot shirt ;) Super convenient I have it haha. At the party, we had yummy chili, cornbread/rolls, & desserts… Okay I was too full for the desserts but Kevin tried some! Ryder enjoyed running around with lots of other kids, stealing desserts off the table, going on a kid parade, playing with a parachute in the hallway, tossing bean bags into holes (he was pretty dang good!!!), & trunk-or-treating. He was pretty good at saying “Trick-or-treat” but mostly just says “Treat!” It was so cute. Holidays are much funner when you are parents!

Happy Halloween!

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