Sometimes I Try…


Sometimes I try to take better photos of Ryder…better as in better than my old iPhone 4 ;) October 19th, 2014, was one of those days. After early Stake Conference and after Ryder’s nap, I persuaded him with fruit snacks to cooperate, a little bit, with me to try to take some photos! Taking a photo of a running toddler is HARD GUYS LOL! Anyways, obviously I need to work on my photography skills! I know that. But I am just having fun for now and this is better than my phone. BUT, I already got plans with two of my friends (who definitely take better photos than me) to take pictures for fun, heh. Anyways, I just love this kid and as you can see, well, if you’ve ever seen my blog at all, you would know he is my favorite subject to photograph. So yeah! We had a great Sabbath! xoxo

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