Remicade & Sickness + Weekend with the In-Laws!


{ September 22nd – 28th, 2014 }

This week started out great & then we all eventually got sick at the worst timing. Sadly, we weren’t our usual selves when Kevin’s parents came in town due to sickness :( But lets start from the beginning of the week…

+ Mindy’s yoga class!

+ Super Target run: Ran into basically everyone I know that day ha. Saw Gwen Valles & her girls (photos above), Jocelyne Heinzen & baby Lila (another photo above), Elise Pringle, Natalie Brown, & someone else I forget. Basically, Target is the place to be ha!

+ Dinner with Jared & Lori Croft & their littles, Katie, & Tyler & their newest baby boy, Cameron (photo of the kiddos in the goal above ha). We had yummy quesadillas, Lori’s homemade apple sauce, & some Shirley’s rolls from Utah for dessert! We had a great night!

+ Remicade Infusion Day! (Photo of me and my IV in above ha) I had an appointment with my doctor before which is always unfortunately much anticipated. I always have a ton of questions for him! Ugh. Whelp, as long as I get a break from all my infections from my immunosuppressant drug, Remicade, I will be in a better relationship with my drug again haha. Crossing my fingers! But yeah, it all went well!

+ Ryder got a cold sadly and it started basically the day of my infusion. You cannot get an infusion with any symptoms of any kind of sickness. I was feeling totally fine when I went to get my infusion and when you get your infusion, it basically just hammers your immune system. Basically, my infusion just keeps my immune system suppressed so my body doesn’t fight itself and cause pain. So yeah, perfect timing for him to get sick and me be at my weakest! Gradually over the next few days, I started to get a cold. Ah!!! I couldn’t beat this one. But luckily, now I can say, it didn’t get that bad nor turn into an infection :D

+ Oh, and we went to Hunter’s tennis match to get out of the house for a bit. Ryder was hilarious!!! It was the first time we took him to a tennis match. The whole time he was like, “Look!!! Hunter!!! WOW!!! Oh gosh!” It just depended on what happened in the game haha. If a shot was missed, he would yell, wait… scream, “Oh gosh!!! Look! Baseball!” Yes he is a little confused about the difference between baseballs and tennis balls. But it was awesome. He was very upset that he couldn’t put his hand through the tennis fence and pull through a ball because the opening was too small. Luckily, we found some balls for him to play with. Hunter & his partner won & did great! We had fun!


+ WEEKEND: My In-laws came in town for a quick 3-day weekend trip from September 26th through the 28th. We checked out the Zephyr office, where Kevin works. Ryder loved the ‘War Room’ which is basically a room where they strategize with painted planes on the walls. It’s a sweet room (photo above)! Then we ate brunch at the Original Pancake House. It is a new brunch place in Fort Collins that is delicious! Then I put Ryder down for a nap. When he was sick this week, he had a hard time going to sleep, so I snuggled him and rocked him and laid him down. It was so nice, but only when he is sick lol. Don’t want him to get into a habit ;) (Photo above.) After he woke up, we all went and grabbed QDoba for dinner and Mary’s Mountain Cookies for dessert while watching the Kansas City Royals Baseball game. // One thing that was super helpful was that they helped us do our water barrels for food storage. Kevin had ordered two big barrels, gosh, like a year ago? And they have been sitting in our garage. They are now in our basement full of water and ready for a disaster lol. I am so thankful they helped with that! Been on my “To-Do List” forever! We introduced them to Café Athens for lunch. They have the best gyros! While Kevin & Greg put Ryder down for a nap, Kathy & I went to Ulta and the Centerra area to shop at Loft. We got some fun cute things! Then we grabbed a few things from King Soopers on the way back and then watched the Royals Baseball game again. ( They are actually good this year and are in the playoffs ha! It is like the first time they are in the playoffs since like 30 years ago? The first time since Kevin has been alive! Lol. ) Then mid-way through the game, we went over to Bann Thai for some pad Thai which was SO good. Then we came back and finished the game. They won again! Since we were sick on Sunday, we didn’t attend church. We just hung out and got a little fresh air for a bit at the Spring Canyon Park. Ryder enjoyed the swings, walking on a balance beam type thing (with Kathy’s help), standing on my scooter with me haha, kicking a ball around, throwing a frisbee, & more ;) It was good to get out for a bit of fresh air. That is basically how this weekend went down! Unfortunately, we couldn’t have been healthy, but oh well, I guess there wasn’t anything else to do. :(

Next Up: Last week/end stuff :)

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