October & Pumpkin Patch’n


{ September 29th – October 3rd, 2014 }

Despite the little sickness we got over THIS weekend, this week we healed up pretty well & got right back into the swing of things! This week consists of basically everything up until General Conference! That’ll be it’s own post due to the amount of photos haha.

+ Ryder looking all guilty because he unbuckled himself while driving. Yeah…working on that! (Photo above) He also picked out his “Bay-Bee-You” shirt aka BYU ha.

+ Skipping the gym and running errands (don’t want to take Ryder in sick…wish others did the same at the gym)… Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Goodwill drop off, Walmart (oil change & groceries)… Super fun ;)

+ Kevin had JM over to watch the Kansas City Chief’s game. I blogged ;)

+ Took Ryder to Hunter’s tennis match. He LOVES going to these. He may be a little distracting but hopefully not haha. He sees Hunter & yells, “Huuuntterrr!!!” “Look, ball!” etc. etc.  Then afterwards we ate at Noodles with my parents & Hunter as Kevin was out eating dinner with an account.

+ Bartel’s Farm Pumpkin Patch Play Date: We went to the Bartel’s farm up North in Fort Collins with Abby DeGraff, Gwen Valles, Anna Yancey, Courtney Stutznegger (who I used to visit teach), & Carrie Woolley (and all of everyone’s kids of course!) It was fun! The kids chased chickens…poor Emery got attacked by a duck, for real. The kids played on some play things (swing set, ride on toys, etc.). We went on a hay ride (photos above). Ryder fell in love with wagons ha. And he wouldn’t let go of a random basketball he found at the farm…you’d think he would be holding a pumpkin but no! Lol.

+ Put in my order for my new iPhone 6! Still waiting on it!

+ Hello New Girl & Mindy Project. The best!!!

+ Went over to Laura Neibaur’s for a play date. She had just had baby Conner maybe a couple of months ago? She also had over some other friends, Sarah, Candra, & Chantel…basically they all had newborns or were pregnant! But not me! Ha. But we had a little dessert brunch ha. It was fun. Still thinking about the cake Laura had got from Sprouts, so delicious. The kids played and of course they all loved that. Ryder chased the girls around, it was hilarious!

+ I went with the Relief Society Presidency to dinner at McCallister’s and then to a CSU Women’s Volleyball game since Tawna Parry has season tickets. I hadn’t ever gone to a Women’s Volleyball game there before…actually I don’t even know if I’ve ever gone to a CSU event in my life, weird, considering I really grew up here, but it was fun! I do love to watch volleyball. Also, their team is amazing and is ranked like 8th in the nation? So of course, they won! Oh, and they played UNLV. It was a fun evening!

+ Oh and if you see the picture with Ryder and eyeliner all over him…he got into my eyeliner and said he did “his eyes” HAHA. It was too funny, I had to leave it on until Kevin got home from work to get a kick out of it! Hilarious kid but it won’t be funny if he does this when he is much older ha.

+ I had planned a play date at the Spring Creek Gardens and of course it was crazy cold. None of us stayed that long but Gwen Valles, Abby DeGraff, Jocelyne Heinzen, & Jaclyn Jeppesen made it out there for a bit. Such a bummer it wasn’t warmer. It is a little kid’s play area in the middle of gardens, so it is beautiful. They have water features in the summer, a Dr. Seuss house, and a train/gondola set that the kids can push buttons to make it go and watch through glass (picture above). They LOVED that!

+ And of course we had a BYU Football game!

What a week! I am glad we got over our sicknesses quicker than normal (at least I did - so glad it didn’t turn into an infection) & had a great end of the week!

Next Up: General Conference Weekend!


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