Halloween Crafting, Pumpkin Patchin, & Boulder Shopping

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{ October 6 – 12th, 2014 }

Hello busiest week ever!

+ Abby hosted a Kid’s Craft Day at her house. It was very cute! The kids made Halloween crafts – spiders (out of foam balls & pipe cleaners) & pumpkins (out of paper plates & felt). The kids had a blast and the moms chatted. Abby is the best for throwing this! If my house was bigger, I might consider it ha ;) [ First photo above ]

+ ENT Follow Up from like ages ago… My mom watched Ryder & they played with trains for a majority of it (photo above). I had been meaning to see the ENT for months but just never got around to it. I’m still having some plugged ear & ringing (tinnitus) hearing issues… Unfortunately, I learned that there is nothing else they can do. My left ear had a little hearing loss and nerve damage from the ruptured ear drum and double ear infection. I think the – almost always there – ringing in my left ear is the most annoying thing. I hope I get used to it over time. Such a bummer !!!

+ I joined my parents to see Hunter in a choir concert he was in. He did great!

+ We went to another farm…Something from the Farm! It is my favorite farm probably because they have the best produce that we occasionally buy and also the location is super close to us! We went with Heather Hartman, Kristi Hartman, Ruth Buxton, Lara Osmond, Carrie Woolley…think that is about it, well, and everyone’s kids. The kids had fun running around in the pumpkin patch and corn maze (made from hay bales). They also had a blast chasing one of the farm dogs. They just threw apples at the dog and the dog would catch them! They had fun feeding the chickens, well, and when we left, Ryder had to say goodbye to each and every chicken haha…”Bye bye chicken!” Ryder loved sitting on the tractor as well. ( Photos above ) I bought a spaghetti squash when I was there and cooked it later that week. We had a blast!

+ We went to one of Hunter’s tennis matches as he was in a tournament. Ryder loved throwing and hitting the tennis ball (photo above)… Not going to lie, he has skills! He loves to see Hunter play tennis and is always asking about Hunter and balls ha.

+ We took Katinka to get groomed at DOGS out at Centerra. While she was getting groomed, we explored the shopping area.

+ Made spaghetti squash for dinner! Interesting stuff ;)

+ We went to Erin Neville’s PiYo class before Music Makers (photo above). The kids all run around while the moms try to work out haha. Ryder kicked and threw balls at other people doing yoga as well as climbing all over me while I was doing yoga…so it was interesting, but fun! Then we stayed for Music Maker’s and had a blast. I think it was funner than the last time we went. ( Photos above)

+ We were going to go pick out pumpkins with Ryann & Abby DeGraff (& their twins) Friday night but it had rained all day and was going to be cold, so we had to take a rain check. We didn’t want to get all muddy either! We ended up going to Chik-fil-a for a classy dinner haha ;) While Abby & I were ordering food, somehow Ryder escaped the husband’s attention and I noticed him outside by the door!!! Gave me a heart attack! Then we let the kids get ice-cream cones (photo above) & Ryder fell off a chair and cut his lip open. We made a spectacle that night! So embarrassing but funny haha. The Chik-fil-a employees were so nice and brought Ryder a bag of ice and a Chik-fil-a stuffed cow to make him feel better. What a night LOL!

+ On Saturday, my mom and I went to Boulder to go shopping. We ate at Moe’s Bagel’s for lunch which was delicious. Then we hit up Nordstrom Rack (& we tried on the whole stole haha proof from that photo above of me with a stack of clothes), Anthropologie, & LuLuLemon before seeing Patrick at his apartment. It was good to see him! Oh, and we did get a few cute things! Then after seeing Patrick, we went to Nordstrom. I dropped off my Frye boots to get stretched. Then we ate at an Indian restaurant called Ezitra which was awesome! My mom and I shared Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan! I recommend trying it if you haven’t.

+ Church… I then had my mom take photos of my eShakti dress for a review HERE… had dinner with my parents & then my mom and I watched the General Women’s Meeting!

Solid week!


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