General Conference Weekend!


{ October 4 – 5th , 2014 }

General Conference Weekend came & went! It is a little different having a toddler since you are a little more distracted and can’t fully listen to the apostles & President Monson you know :)

[ Kevin found out his parents got 2 tickets to the Kansas City Royals Baseball game which they were lucky to get since they are in the Playoffs! Because they hadn’t been to the playoffs since Kevin has been alive, haha, he road-tripped it out there on Saturday, October 4th, went to the game with his dad on the 5th, and came back on the 6th. He watched Priesthood session while eating some BBQ as soon as he got there and General Conference with the whole family on Sunday. The KC Royals luckily did win! So glad they did ha. He had a blast and said it was probably the funnest game he has been to. (Photo above.) ]

Meanwhile, my mom & Hunter were out of town since Zach was competing (Yo-Yo) at Nationals in California (& they met him there). So my dad, Ryder, & I were left in town! I watched some General Conference Saturday in between getting distracted by the Ryder man. Then after both sessions, we met up with my dad at Famous Dave’s for some BBQ. Love that place and especially their cornbread muffins. Divine! Then Ryder & I hit up Super Target, Staples, & Walgreens for a few things. I caught up on laundry & blogging that night. 

>>> OH…and YES HE WON NATIONALS! He is now the TWO time National Champion in Yo-Yo’ing! He is amazing. See his winning performance HERE. <<<

Sunday, we went over and hung out with my dad. He made yummy banana pancakes. We watched General Conference. In between sessions, Ryder & I had a bug hunt and found a lady bug in the backyard. We hung out on the tennis courts as well. Good times. Then later in the day, my mom and Hunter came back in town. We took Ryder out on the tree swing and HE LOVED IT. Obviously, I took many pictures. We had a delicious crockpot meal and called it a day!

I do feel like I need to re-watch every General Conference talk though, haha. Kids! :)

Until next time!


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