Fall Utah Visit Part 2/2


{ September 19 – 21st, 2014 }

See Part 1 of our Fall Utah Visit HERE!

Now for Part 2 (& the last Part in this trip)!

Friday, September 19th, Kevin woke up really early to go play in the Jimmerosity Charity Golf Tournament. This year the tournament was up at Thanksgiving Point. Ryder & I ate breakfast at the hotel and waited for Kelsi to come pick us up. Her & Zach actually spent the night out in Murray I think, since Zach was waiting for the new iPhone 6 to come out and needed to get it the first day haha. That is the last thing I would want to do…spend the night waiting for a phone to come out especially when they don’t even know how many of each style, size, and color they will have! So Zach did get his phone and had to wait almost all day for it as well ha. So Kelsi came and got us & we went over to the Riverwoods to check out Called to Surf & Soel Boutique – some favorite stores of mine. Kelsi got a couple of things at Called to Surf & I got a dress from there. We ate a quick lunch at Subway. Then we went back to our hotel & Ryder took a nap. After Ryder woke up, Kevin had just gotten back to the hotel from golfing, and we went to the BYU Bookstore. We got Ryder a BYU t-shirt and myself a BYU Underarmour dri-fit type long sleeve pullover workout shirt. I LOVE IT! Weirdly, I have barely anything BYU so I am stoked to get this. Then we left for the Riverwoods. We had a little time before dinner and checked out Blickenstaff’s which is an awesome kid’s store (photos above). It is so cute & I love the products and brands they carry. We then ate at Happy Sumo with two of Kevin’s old BYU Baseball buddies, Sean McNaughton & Blake Torgerson (photo above). The BYU Baseball Alumni Golf Tournament & Baseball Game was actually this weekend so they & other Alumni were also in town. Perfect timing for us so we could see some old BYU Baseball friends! Dinner was great. I love that restaurant. I wish they had one in Fort Collins!! It was fun to catch up with them. I was friends with them maybe a little bit before meeting Kevin. Then we made our way back to the hotel.

Saturday, September 20th, we woke up & got ready to go to Shirley’s. Shayla Forsey, my first friend from BYU, met us there. We LOVE Shirley’s! They had moved to a new location from when we lived there. They have the BEST sweet rolls. There’s a photo of Ryder pounding a sweet roll above. The last time Kevin went on a quick trip to Utah, I made him bring back a box for me haha. They are THAT GOOD! So we ate there with Shayla and went back to BYU campus. We walked on over to the Hinckley building to get our BYU Football tickets from the BYU Licensing Director. Kevin works with him so he hooked us up with extra tickets he had. Then while we were waiting, we walked to the Tanner Building which is where the Marriott School of Management is located. That is where, Kevin, Shayla, & I all went to school. Kevin studied Entrepreneurship & Shayla & I studied Marketing :) So we had to get some photos in front of it ha (photos above). Just being on BYU campus brings back so many great memories!

Then we walked over to the BYU Baseball field since the BYU Baseball Alumni game was just starting. It was SO hot so we didn’t sit and watch the game for long (well Kevin did) but Ryder & I hung out in the shade. Whitney Torgerson was there with her little boy Tyler and Ryder & Tyler played with balls for the whole time. They even went onto the BYU Softball field & played. They were so cute together! The last time we had seen them was a little over a year ago when we were in California. The boys definitely got along! We also talked to Sean McNaughton for awhile and then Shayla needed to leave. We also saw Thomas Bills, one of Kevin’s good friends. We had some free pizza after the game which was perfect because we didn’t feel like buying overpriced food at the BYU Football game for lunch.

Next up was the BYU Football Game! We had actual seats because our tickets were better than the normal ones (thanks to BYU Licensing!) which was AWESOME. So much more comfortable than just sitting on bleachers! Kelsi & Zach came & squeezed into some open seats around us. Kelsi got in for free since she is doing the BYU Sports Marketing Internship. She actually set out thousands of white t-shirts on a lot of the seats since it was a white-out game!  I didn’t realize that I wasn’t going to get a free t-shirt so I wore a 3/4 sleeve BYU shirt that was hot! I was going to change once I got my free one but our seats didn’t come with them. Bummer! We got some BYU Creamery ice-cream during half-time which was much needed and very delicious. Oh, and while we were eating our ice-cream we saw our friends Wade, Jaclyn, & baby Owen Jeppesen just walking around. They are our friends here in Fort Collins. So random! The game was a lot of fun. Ryder kept asking to sit with “Elsi” aka Kelsi. One of his favorite songs was played on every certain down (or something like that) during the game so he was in heaven. He would dance each time. Oh, and the game started during his nap time so he didn’t get a legit nap. He did, however, fall asleep on Kelsi for maybe 30 minutes. So much cheering & dancing! He still, to this day, talks about “Bye-bee-you Football.” He can’t say BYU so he says, “Bye-bee-you!” So cute. We had a blast. Then afterwards, we were going to eat dinner and called Tucano’s for Kevin’s Birthday dinner again but the wait was too long. Such a bummer! It is such a popular restaurant. He chose Gloria’s Little Italy which is an authentic Italian restaurant in downtown Provo. He actually worked there for a few weeks when we lived there ha. The food was delicious of course. They gave Kevin an insanely huge Italian dessert for his Birthday so he was in heaven (photo above). They also had an accordion player there so Kevin had him play some of his favorite Italian songs (photo above). So cool. Also, the Provo Tabernacle Temple is catty-corner from Gloria’s Little Italy so you can see the photo of us above in front of it. It is still in the process of being fixed up and re-built after the fire (when we were at BYU)! Then Kevin took Ryder back to the hotel to go to sleep and I went with Kelsi for a quick trip to the Riverwoods again. We were supposed to get matching shirts a long time ago and finally picked out some matching sweaters from Called to Surf! Then she drove me back to the hotel and that was that.

Sunday, September 21st, Kelsi came over in the morning early for a quick hotel breakfast. We wanted to attend church somewhere but it was actually the Ogden Temple Re-Dedication that day so all church services were cancelled except for the broadcast of the Re-Dedication. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the pass or whatever we needed to go to it since we didn’t even know about it until we got there! So, we drove back to Colorado.

Such a fun trip! Whenever I go to Utah, I always want to go back and stay for longer. We still have a bunch of friends out there (and family) and we don’t have enough time with everyone I feel like, or even to see everyone! We had a blast though! Until next trip ;)

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