Fall Utah Visit Part 1/2


{ September 17th – 18th, 2014 }

Kevin had some work meetings and the Jimmerosity Charity Golf Tournament to attend in Utah so of course, Ryder & I wanted to join in ;)

We left on Wednesday, September 17th, bright and early at 7 am and arrived just in time for one of Kevin’s meetings in Salt Lake City at 3 pm. Ryder & I dropped Kevin off & drove around, actually in West Valley City, and found Target to entertain ourselves. About an hour or so later, Kevin got dropped off at the Target & then we headed over to the University of Utah Bookstore. Neither Kevin or myself had been in the Utah Bookstore and Kevin wanted to check it out for work, so we went. Since Utah & BYU are rivals, it was weird going in there. Haha. I was never an extreme hater or anything but it was still weird. I would look around at clothes and be like “Oh, Kevin, look this is cute….if it were… you-know-BYU” Haha. Ryder kept trying to cover his face with the umbrella sun cover (photo above) ;) He already knows we bleed blue!!! Afterwards, we made our way over to City Creek for a little ‘shopping’ until we met up with Dane & Taylor Nielsen & their cute kiddos, Kalei & Christian (photo above of all of us at City Creek). Kevin & Dane played BYU Baseball together so that is how we are all friends. We grabbed Kneaders for dinner and ate outside since the weather was nice. Then the kids looked at the water fountain and ended up playing in the dinosaur kid’s play place (photos above). Ryder is now obsessed with Kalei! They were so cute together! We stayed until almost 10 pm and then decided we needed to leave because we still had to get back down to Provo (an hour away) & check into our hotel & unpack & all that fun stuff. We didn’t want to leave! It was so fun hanging out with them!!!

Thursday, September 18th, was actually Kevin’s 29th Birthday! Ahh! Can’t believe he is 29! I can’t believe we are getting older haha. So we ate breakfast at the hotel and then headed out to Orem because Kevin had a meeting scheduled with Mission Belts (Yes! As seen on Shark Tank!) Ryder & I went in with Kevin to check out the office. I had wanted to & to meet the people because we saw them on Shark Tank years ago & Kevin knows them all well. And randomly, a girl who was good friends with one of my old roommates while at BYU, Candice, works there! How random. So we saw her as well! Then we drove over to BYU & met Zach in the Cougar Eat. I was hoping to eat at Tommasito's since that is where Kevin & I met but the Cougar Eat switched it up & put a Chik-fil-a in their spot! So sad haha. The food wasn’t that great though so I understand why they kicked them out lol. It was crappy Italian food! Afterwards, Zach & I checked out the BYU Bookstore as he had to get a binder for a class and then we checked out the Museum of Art. I showed him the café where I liked to eat when I went to school there! Then I had to get back to get Ryder down for a nap. We dropped Zach off at his dorm & made our way back out to Orem. Oh, speaking of naps, Ryder is always an amazing sleeper – at night and naps – but the weekend prior, I had cut his binkies haha which was a great self soothing thing for him. He didn’t sleep as well on this trip in the hotel. I guess that is to be expected since he can see us in the same room unpacking & getting ready, but still. He has slept amazing in hotels before! So this nap time, Ryder & I took a ‘nap’ together. He wouldn’t sleep unless I was next to him so I lied next to him for 2 hours lol. Then Kevin got back and we headed out to see Karina Powell & little Ryan! Unfortunately, Aaron (Karina’s husband & one of Kevin’s best friends from BYU) had left back home to Texas a few days prior. Too bad we couldn’t see him! But it was fun to see Karina & Ryan while they were visiting her family in Utah! We checked out her parent’s new home and Ryder & Ryan had fun playing in the kid’s room. They both were obsessed with the train set in there. They also loved the indoor basketball court. And of course, the pool table & balls! (Photos above) Then we had to hurry back to Orem since we were going to eat at Tucano’s for Kevin’s Birthday with Kelsi & Patrick, however, the wait was too long & so we switched it up and ate at Terra Mia. It was Zach’s first time going there and he was a fan! After dinner with them, we made our way back to the hotel and Chantell Perry picked up me (photo above). She does hair south of Orem so I was on her way back to where she lives. She hadn’t eaten dinner yet so we went to Café Rio. I just hung out while she ate and we caught up on everything in the past year! I need to get to Utah more often! Haha. But it was really fun. It was great to catch up with her. I miss her! Then she dropped me back off at the hotel and we called it a night.

Next Up: Fall Utah VIsit Part 2/2!

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