Fall Has Officially Arrived


{ October 13th – 18th, 2014 }

Last week was great. It seems that Fall is officially here. All of the leaves are changing colors and they are falling off the trees too quickly. I love all of the Fall colors! It is so pretty just driving around! Last week was another busy week…as that is how I do ;) What went down?

+ Went to story time with Abby DeGraff, Gwen Valles, Heather Hartman, & Cosette Crane. It was lackluster ha, well the story teller? It was good to get some story time in though!

+ Made THIS Chicken Tortilla Soup. It was good, but made a lot! I ate it a few days ;)

+ I saw Meet the Mormons with my dad, mom, & Hunter. Kevin had already planned to watch the Kansas City Royals game but then last minute, it was pushed back a day, so he could have come, but it was too late. The movie was REALLY GOOD! I guess I had low expectations. The last church movies I remember seeing, like Singles Ward, were well, okay haha. But this movie was amazing! I loved it! I wished I had taken some friends when I went as well. When it comes out on DVD, we will have to watch it again. It was funny to go though since when we got there, we practically knew everyone in the theatre ;) We just saw a bunch of ward members and other members from the area ha. OHHH and I had my mom and I wear matching ice-cream cone sweatshirts we got from Nordstrom haha. My mom felt awkward wearing them but I thought it was hilarious. (Photo above)

+ Girl’s Night: Abby DeGraff, Anna Yancey, & Gwen Valles & I had planned to have a Girl’s Night out. We originally were going to see The Giver but it had just left theatres a week before. I was bummed since I had wanted to see it! We decided to just rent a movie and watch it at Abby’s. Anna rented Mom’s Night Out…it was interesting ha. But we had fun! We also ate delicious pumpkin cookies, homemade popcorn, and Mint Milano cookies haha.

+ Mindy, my mom, Ry, & I went to a going-away breakfast for Mindy – at SNOOZE - as she was about to move to San Francisco to be an Assistant Manager at a new Core Power Yoga studio. After breakfast, we walked around downtown. We checked out a few boutiques and weirdly, they all had like a store owner’s dog in there. Ryder is obsessed with dogs and would yell, “Wait!!! DOGGY!!! GOGGY!! Wait!!!” So he was insanely loud and I had to take him out of the store ha. So I was like “Phewf, let’s try a new store.” And then it happened again in the next one haha. Kill me. The photo of Ryder yelling in the mirror above is in a boutique where he was begging for a dog haha. Toddlers.

+ I got a massage at Miramont. Always a good idea!

+ Ryder went to the Dentist and he was totally not in the mood for a cleaning. They were lucky to get fluoride on his teeth. He did enjoy the video games in the waiting room ;) (Photo above) Next time!

+ Went to a Relief Society Mid-Week Activity. We listened to some sisters in our ward talk about their missions. Afterwards, we tried some mission food, cookies, & other treats. It was fun!

+ Ryder & I met Bekah at Water’s Way Park. Ryder & Carmen enjoyed skull suckers (photo above). They also had a good time on the swings and slides. It was fun to catch up with Bekah!

+ This weekend was Stake Conference. It was great! Kevin went to the Stake Priesthood meeting and I went to the Adult session with my parents and Hunter. We had just found out they made the session for 12-18 year olds as well, so that basically cut out the babysitter situation. Since Kevin went to the Priesthood Meeting, I got to go to the adult session. Oh, and I also went with my family to Trent Parry’s Wedding Reception down at the Lory Center on CSU campus right before Stake Conference.

+ Oh, on Saturday also, Kevin & I worked on the basement. It was pretty much organized but we tried to turn it into a play space/room for the Winter. We are planning on putting the ride-on toys down there that usually are rode outside… balance bike, plasma car, etc. as well as older toys we are putting down there. Also, a lot of big balls and a goal net… As long as we don’t have too many spiders & wasps, it will work out great! I’m so thankful for Kevin because without his strength this wouldn’t have been able to happen ha. I cut apart a gazillion boxes though ;) And did some Goodwill donations!

Meanwhile, I had made a fort for Ryder (photo above) & he enjoyed watching Planes while we worked on the basement. Then he came down and hungout with us while we were organizing.

+ We were BOO’ed by Emily McDonald ;) Basically it is a Halloween tradition where you ding-dong doorbell ditch treats, a bucket of candy, whatever, at someone’s house (photo above of what we received). Then they are BOO’ed and have to hang up a ghost sign in their window or on their house and BOO 2 other houses. So we were BOO’ed! Have you ever been BOO’ed before?

And that’s about it!


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