Lots of Fall Fun + a Day in Denver

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{ October 20 – 26, 2014 }

What a week!!! And a side note: Now that I am using my Canon more frequently, my iPhone as usual (horrible photos), & Kevin’s Samsung phone occasionally, my picture quantity is getting out of control. It is taking longer to do these “quick” catch up posts for me sorting through hundreds of photos! I need to delete a bunch of ‘blah’ photos before uploading them. Moving on ;) Anyways, so this week was great… first, THIS went down & now for the rest…

+ I went to my friend Mindy’s last yoga class she taught at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness. She is now living in San Francisco! I miss going to her yoga classes and of course, her being here, as her, my sister Kelsi, & I grew up together playing tennis at Miramont & whatnot. So, we have known her for awhile! Bittersweet!

+ We ate at Chik-fil-a with Lori Croft (Katie, Tyler, & Cameron) & Emily McDonald for visiting teaching. Ryder didn’t escape Chik-fil-a this time so it was all good :) We had fun!

+ I had a doctor appointment and Lori was SO nice to watch Ryder during it. Ryder had a blast playing with Katie & Tyler. Then we went to Miramont Park with them and met up with Ashley Bean (Lizzie & Henry) & Candis MacKay (Parker & Coleson)… We ate lunches there and the kids had fun! Ryder & Henry had fun “sharing” a ball together :) (photo above of them both reaching for a ball)… Boy problems!

+ Kevin was with accounts multiple times for dinner….one such evening, Ryder & I rented Rio 2 & watched it and had mommy-son time :)

+ Something from the Farm: We went to another farm/pumpkin patch – Something from the Farm - and had a play date with Gwen Valles & her girls, Abby & the twins, & Jocelyne & baby Lila. We ate our lunches there and chatted while the kids ran around chasing the farm dog and getting into who knows’ what ;) Ryder loved the chickens (photo above) & of course, pulling around a wagon (photo above). We couldn’t get a photo with all the kids cooperating lol. Toddler problems!

+ I made Bekah Wilkey’s homemade chili…my favorite!

+ We had a bunch of church things one evening… We had the missionaries over for a message, then Kevin went to YM and brought Ryder while I went to a Stake Auxiliary Meeting for my Relief Society Secretary calling… We barely fit it all in. Crazy night :)

+ We hit up Miramont Park again and hung out with Abby & her twins and LaNae Pittsenbarger. We chatted and the kids played! Good times.

+ Our Ward Halloween Party happened & was a big success! Coming up next ;)

+ Kevin & I took Ry up to Denver and we took turns going into the Denver Temple. Kevin went in first and meanwhile, Ryder & I hung out at Nordstrom Rack. It was probably the best shopping experience I have had with him for clothes for myself haha. I went in and put on Frozen on the iPad and I tried on probably like 50 pairs of jeans for TWO HOURS! while he sat like a little angel in his stroller watching the movie. It was AMAZING! I did give him some Goldfish and some food pouches and obviously, they worked like a charm. I got myself some jeans and Ryder some shoes to grow into. It was just perfect! ( Photo above of the angel Ryder above in the stroller with our iPad haha ) Then we went back and ate lunch with Kevin on the temple grounds. Kevin took Ryder to a nearby park and mall (while Ryder slept in the stroller) & I went in. Afterwards, we ate a quick dinner at Panda Express ;) and drove home. Super last minute, I went with my mom to Ulta to stock up on makeup because they were having their 20% off sale, so all in all, it was a long day! Oh and I also ran in the library and checked out some new books lol!! Successful Saturday!

+ Sunday usual… Relief Society Presidency Meeting, church, go on a walk, lovely Sunday things!

+ OOH and the photo of Ry & me waving at the construction site…is actually the progress of the Fort Collins Temple! We drive by it daily and it is so fun to see the progress!!! It is also right across the street from our church so we always see it then.

That’s a wrap! And up next is our Ward Halloween Party!


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