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Dress: eShakti // Boots: Enzo Angiolini ‘Saylem’ Riding Boots (similar HERE) // Infinity Scarf: Loft (similar HERE) // Tights: Nordstrom

A few months ago, eShakti emailed me in regards to reviewing a clothing piece of my choice. eShakti is an online clothing company that sells dresses, coats, skirts, tops, etc. that are completely customizable to your body (height, size, & other options). They include sizes from 0-36W. I had seen other blogger friends review dresses, skirts, and whatnot for a few years now and I was excited that they had contacted me to give them a shot!

When you visit their website you will see lots of cute and unique pieces. In their email, they actually sent me a link to a special blogger selection of clothing that was only a smaller selection of what they have on their website. The smaller blogger selection is there so that they don’t have a bunch of bloggers review the same exact clothing garment. They let each item be reviewed by maybe 2-4 bloggers, remove it, and replace it with new designs as they come in. I guess that is understandable but I had seen a bunch of cute items that I would have loved to try that wasn’t in the blogger selection.

I originally ended up choosing a yellow and white striped poplin dress (similar HERE). I chose the option to add sleeves and chose a smaller neckline. It arrived fairly quickly and I couldn’t wait to try the dress on. When I tried it on, it was HUGE in the chest and waist area. I was kind of confused what had happened. I had Kevin do my measurements as I chose the custom size dress option and wondered if he got it right. We followed every step in the process very closely but we were confident he did get all of them right. I was pretty bummed since I had thought if you ordered a completely customizable dress from a company who specializes in that, it would fit like a glove. Somehow it didn’t at all.

I emailed eShakti & asked if there was anyway they could make the dress smaller or if I should just write an honest review on it…it being big and all, and they replied saying to take photos of the dress, email the photos to them to see what had happened in the manufacturing process, and pick another dress to choose from.

The first dress I had chosen would have been a perfect spring/summer dress. It was the end of summer and fall was quickly approaching, so I decided to get a dress that would be good for the fall and winter. I chose the this herringbone number. I’ve always been a big fan of herringbone and it is the perfect fall/winter pattern! I also thought it would be a classy, basic, fall/winter piece to add to my collection. [ I am not finding it on their website to link to, so there is a chance that it is sold out. ] I decided to give the customizable dress option another shot but this time, I had my mom do the measurements. Hers and Kevin’s were pretty darn close. On a side note, my mom sewed a lot in the past so I know she knows how to measure, and that makes Kevin too ;) I decided to add 3/4 sleeves, keep the longer length, and chose the smallest neckline.

Finally, it arrived and I tried it on! From the photos of it online, I thought it was more of a black color so I was planning on wearing my black Frye boots with it (or fancier black shoes if it wasn’t too snowy here in Colorado) but when it arrived it was definitely brown! Good thing I have a favorite brown pair of boots that looked alright with it. That was a little shocking but it wasn’t that big of a deal. I do think this dress fits a little better. I think the tied bow helps it fit better since the last one didn’t have a tie around the waist. The chest area is still a little big. I actually think they made the wrong neckline but I didn’t want to bother with any more dresses being made, etc. I chose the higher neckline because since having Ryder, I don’t like things that are too low or revealing, same goes with skirt lengths, because I am always running around and chasing him! I don’t want to have to worry about flashing anyone, in any type or form ha. So the neckline was a surprise but according to my mom and Kevin, they think it is fine, as long as when I bend down, I cover the top of my dress... Still, in my opinion, it is a little too big (in many ways). I am not sure if they are over-compensating the measurements when you send them in or if I have a weird body shape or type. Maybe some people measure themselves smaller than they really are? Also, from the photos, you might think the material is thick and warm. It is not. It is thin and just has the herringbone pattern on it. That is okay; it might be better for a slightly warmer fall/winter day. After seeing the dress and wearing it this past Sunday, I wished I had made the sleeves longer since it is basically a fall/winter dress and the 3/4 sleeves were a little chilly. I had the option to make the dress long sleeves. That isn’t eShakti’s fault though, just something I learned by wearing it. What I do love about the dress is the length. Yes, it is pretty long, but at the same time that is awesome. I didn’t ever worry about it riding up or being shorter while walking or flashing anyone while chasing after Ryder and grabbing him in the church hallway. It is a great length for not worrying! Also, when I go to stores, most dresses I try on are ALWAYS too short. This is almost too long, but much better! Another big positive, most dresses automatically come with pockets (unless you don’t want them) but I love pockets. Perfect for my iPhone & lipstick ;)

As you might be able to tell from the photos, it was a windy day! It was a very windy and cold day, thus the infinity scarf and boots. Also, it was kind of convenient since the scarf hid the neckline I felt uncomfortable about. The pockets were great to hide my cold hands in.

All in all, I would say I am happy with my dress. The main concern of mine is the neckline and chest/waist area being a little too big. According to my family, they think it looks alright. Personally, I wish that part was smaller.

*** eShakti does have a lot of really cute stuff and I would think that it is a good option for certain people. If you are extremely short, tall, or plus size, this may be a good way to find something that will fit vs. shopping in a brick and mortar store and them not having much of a selection for you. If you fit like a glove in most stores, I would maybe stick with doing that unless there was a style you love on eShakti’s website. I was happy with their customer service. They were great to work with. I was very embarrassed to tell them the dress didn’t fit, the first time around, and they didn’t mind and let me pick out another dress. I just think, here and there, you might run across a sizing issue. If you order for them for a special occasion, I would give extra time, just to be safe and to ensure a good fit. And…I did receive a few compliments on my dress, the first and only day I wore it thus far (& when my mom took photos), so I do think people like the dress. I just think it could have fit a little better as ‘a perfect fit’ is their company’s core competency. But really, I am happy with this dress. I might have to wear a scarf most of the times, but is cute and long enough.

If you are interested in eShakti, you can check out their website, Face book, Pinterest & Twitter!


* FYI: Everything in this post are my own thoughts and opinions. I did receive this dress for an honest review.

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