{ Weekending } Denver Day Trip + Kelsi’s Belated Birthday


{ August 23 – 24th, 2014 }

On Saturday the 23rd, we went to the Denver Temple. Kelsi met us there. Kelsi & I went in while Kevin watched Ryder and then we watched Ryder while Kevin went in. We ate a picnic lunch there on the temple grounds and had ourselves a dandy time. We brought a ball – of course – for Ryder & he kicked it around and threw it in the water fountain ha. It kept him busy of course! He also got upset we didn’t let him go into the water fountain. Sorry bud! It looks like a pool/splash pad but definitely isn’t. Randomly, when I was taking pictures of the Denver Temple, I see my friend Lauren Moore walk out with her husband. That is the girl in the picture above with me who is not my sister (at the temple). Cool to run into her! Then we drove to Ikea to grab the last part to finish our kitchen haha. We accidentally returned a part we needed when we thought we were about done with the remodel, like a year ago. So glad we got the piece back! And we also ran into the Moore’s at Ikea haha. We had planned the same day – temple & Ikea! So funny. We also got Kelsi her birthday present of some cool art work (one of which is a map of Rio) to hang in our BYU apartment. We also got Ryder a super cheap potty for on-the-go when he gets older and we keep it in the car for road trips, etc… Sometimes he likes to sit on it haha (photo above). By the way, we are NOT potty-training him now… Just got the potty since Ikea’s are SUPER cheap! And if he wants to sit on it, then great! Then after we got home, we went to Water’s Way Park for a little bit. We played baseball and Kevin told me if he threw a ball up REALLY HIGH and I caught it, I could get $50 to Anthropologie when they open in Fort Collins. Of course, I tried. And sadly, I failed. LOL. I was SO annoyed! He threw it really high though and it was hard to gauge it ha. Someday, I’ll bring up this offer and make him offer it again and catch that ball!

Then on Sunday, the 24th, we went to church. Kevin took that photo of us…I think that is the first in church photo we have haha. It is NOT a usual thing guys! I know, not okay. Lol. Afterwards, I had a Relief Society Presidency Meeting and then we went over to my parents to celebrate Kelsi’s birthday with cake & presents. We watched a little bit of Rio 2, since she just got it, and RYDER LOVES RIO…he was so confused watching a new Rio. I don’t think he liked it ha. It was so unfamiliar to him. Also, we spent time on the dock which is always amazingly gorgeous (photo above). And Ryder held onto the basketball hoop to work on his strength training…he always likes to do this ha. Such a boy! All in all, it was a fun night!!

So yeah, we had a great weekend!

Next Up: last of August & Labor Day Weekend fun!


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