Week before Kelsi & Zach headed off to BYU!


{ August 18 – 22nd, 2014 }

This week was another fun-filled week which we made sure to spend good time with Kelsi & Zach, since they were about to leave for BYU!

Some of what went down:

+ Impulse decision to go to Super Target with Abby. Ryder was yelling “OLI!!!” throughout the whole store haha. He calls her twin boys, both, Oli!

+ FHE: Spring Canyon Park. 5 buck pizza. Kelsi came with us. Ryder and Kelsi both decided to run through the splash pad haha (photo above). It was cute. We love that park!

+ Bachelor in Paradise, of course.

+ Advanced Step class with Kelsi. Good times!

+ Celebrating Kelsi’s Belated Birthday (it was actually on July 19th but she was in Brazil so we didn’t celebrate with her) at Okele Maluna, which is a Hawaiian restaurant in downtown Windsor. It was DELICIOUS! Ryder also wore his brand new Brazil outfit from Kelsi. ADORABLE! If you haven’t tried that restaurant, go there! Best Hawaiian food! Kevin, dad, mom, Kelsi, Zach, Hunter, & Ry were all there.

+ After the Okele Maluna celebration, I drove to Abby’s house to watch Pretty Little Liars. We thought it was the season finale but it wasn’t hahaha. So glad it wasn’t, because the episode was definitely not finale material!

+ Splash pad at Fossil Creek Park. Had some snacks. Hung out with Kelsi, Gwen (Gabrielle & Valencia), & Abby (Finn & Oli)! Trying to squeeze in more splash pad time before the fall, which is coming fast!!!

+ Girl’s Night: Snuck one in at Café Rio followed by some down time at Bekah Wilkey’s house. Who came… Abby DeGraff, Jaclyn Jeppesen, Kate Hansen, Bekah Wilkey, Lauren Moore, Emily Peterson, Ashley Bean, Lara Osmond…think that’s it! Like our awesome photo haha?! We had a blast! Thanks Kevin for watching Ry so I could go!

+ Brunch with our cousin, Brittany Lenski & daughter Adeline. We had brunch at the new International Pancake House which was amazing. Kelsi, Zach, & mom came with. Ryder & Adeline hung out together. They have some entrees that have been featured on big time cooking shows…so that helped me decide what to get. Got their famous German pancake (photo above)! Very good. They also had very cute Hape toys for kids to play with while they ate. They were a lifesaver! I actually want to get a Hape toy sometime. Super cute!

+ Double dinner date at our place with the Valles. Had cheeseburgers! Ryder helped shuck the corn (photo above ;)). Can’t go wrong! Valencia & Ryder had fun playing outside in the rain in Ryder’s little house :)

+ Got some awesome deals at a big time Crazy 8 sale. I don’t normally shop there but they had some cute things and got for all under $10!

+ While Kevin went on a Youth Temple Trip, we went to dinner with my mom, Kelsi, & Mindy at Wahoo’s. It was good! Then Ryder was tired so we called it a night.

Can’t believe we were just all hanging out – Kelsi & Zach – and now they have moved away! Ryder sure is sad!

Next Up: Our fun weekend in Denver!

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