Splash Pads, Swimming, Sprinklers, + So Much More


{ August 11th – 17th, 2014 }

Week high/low-lights:

+ Walking Katinka.

+ Gym time at Mindy’s Body Define Yoga class.

+ Bachelor in Paradise: with Josh & Emily Peterson as well as Brittany & Tyler Wallace.

+ Loveland Kid’s Day: Animal theme. Petting zoo, hula hoop fun, etc. with Gwen (Gabrielle & Valencia), Anna (Emery & Allegra), Bekah (Carmen), & Abby (Finn & Oliver). We can’t wait for these to start up next summer, as this was the last for this summer! So fun! Oh, and Ryder was actually afraid of the animals. He did get knocked over by a sheep and cornered by a cow…so… We are working on liking farm animals ;)

+ Fun doctor appointments.

+ Kevin going to Washington DC for a business trip.

+ Wahoo’s dinner with the family.

+ Watching Pretty Little Liars with Abby.

+ Still getting over pneumonia!

+ Play date at Anna Yancey’s with Abby & others.

+ FHE: Barnes & Noble- getting the 2 most ‘doctrinally correct” bible story books for Ryder (chose a Noah’s Ark one & a basic bible book) so we can start teaching him little stories. Then, Ryder & I redeemed our TCBY free treats for completing the Summer Reading Program. We love books & dessert.

+ Fossil Creek Splash Pad: with Bekah (Carmen), Gwen (Valencia & Gabrielle), Anna (Emery & Allegra), & Jaclyn (& baby Owen). It was a blast! Ryder ate a bunch of peppers and hummus. It was one of my favorite days this summer, just spending time with him outside in the water. It was a great day to be a mom!

+ Hanging out downtown at the New West Fest and getting Mary’s Mountain Cookies.

+ Sprinklers & pool time in our backyard on a Saturday with dad.

+ Kelsi & Patrick both got into the US this week. Kelsi came back from Brazil and Patrick from Japan.

+ Swimming with the DeGraff’s at their awesome neighborhood pool in Timnath Ranch. Went down a big slide there…Kevin held Ryder and went under the water and Ryder stayed above water ;) And got some GoPro footage! Also, played on a playground there as well. Had snacks and had a great time!

+ Church: Ryder getting rowdy during sacrament and me taking him out. Of course, he is drawn to the gym and yells repeatedly, “Basket BALL!!!” He then finds a random tennis ball and a basketball that literally came out of nowhere in a corner. He dribbles it around and we head off to nursery. How we do sacrament style.



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