Soaking in the last of Summer


{ September 2nd & 4-7th, 2014 }

This post is basically Ryder’s Birthday week minus the festivities ;)

So… September 1st… Labor Day Weekend Camping HERE.

And on September 3rd, Ryder’s 2nd Birthday HERE.

And I will post about Ryder’s 2nd Birthday Party & his Birthday celebration with my family soon…because that is also this week. Moving on!

// Some fun things this week (minus Ryder’s doctor appointment & shots) included…

+ Fossil Creek Park with Lauren Moore & her kiddos, Simone & Harrison (photos above). Ryder & Simone had fun playing in the baseball field and running bases together. So cute. They also did big slides, climbed up rocks, rode little dinosaurs, and swung with Harrison in the baby swings. We also got a cute photo of Ryder & Simone, and Ryder made the move and held her hand haha. Cutest!

+ Centerra, not once, but three times this week! Hit up Loft and Victoria’s Secret. Bekah Wilkey & I went together and Carmen & Ryder watched Frozen while we shopped at Gap. Then we let them play in the Centerra splash pads, in their clothes…ha (photo above). We didn’t think ahead to bring swimsuits! It was actually a little chilly but they didn’t care at all. They were screaming and running through the fountains. In heaven!

+ Texas Roadhouse with my dad & Hunter while Kevin and my mom were out of town. Can’t go wrong with their rolls! Delicious.

+ Kevin had a quick business trip to Wisconsin from September 2nd to the 3rd.

+ Ryder had his TWO Year Wellness Check-Up with the Pediatrician. Stats: 36 inches (85%) & 27 lbs. 9 oz (50%)! He is getting taller and did gain a little weight so he is average now :) Pretty perfect! He got a flu shot and a toe prick to check for anemia I think. He HATED the warm diaper on his toe. They did that before they pricked his toe haha. He cried so hard having it on his toe! (Photos above). He did awesome! Afterwards, we went to get a present for his friend Carmen & got him and her matching ABC puzzles to help them learn their letters. Ryder had Birthday money :)

+ Lunch at Zephyr with Kevin. We brought Kevin a lunch at work. Ryder basically ate two bites and ran around too interested to really eat his meal. He liked talking and hanging out with other employees. He also took over a warehouse walkie talkie and was talking into it ha.

+ Party Preppin for Ryder’s 2nd Birthday. Sam’s Club, Target, picking up cake, balloons, Keving got a haircut, etc…more on this soon!

+ Special Stake Meeting: Our Stake had a Special Stake Meeting on September 7th,  so I went to church and met my family since we met at the same time that day. Kevin actually left on a business trip that morning to Pittsburgh and NYC so he didn’t make it. We celebrated Ryder’s Birthday with my family later that day since my mom was out of town for his actual Birthday. More on this later!

Whelp, that’s a wrap! More Birthday posts coming! :D

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