Wrapping up August


{ August 25 – 29th, 2014 }

Let me wrap up what is left in August before our awesome Labor Day Weekend…and shortly thereafter, Ryder’s SECOND Birthday!!! And let me say, I cannot believe it is already getting COLD but it is! So we were trying to spend as much time outside as we can before summer is gone!

+ Gym: Body Define Yoga at Mindy’s class with Kelsi & Abby. Also, Advanced Step with Kelsi.

+ Bachelor in Paradise. Only Josh came over since Emily & their baby girl, Skyler was out of town. He came early and joined us for dinner. Sarah came as well!

+ Stopped by my parents house to say goodbye to Kelsi & Zach. They left August 26th to head out to Provo.

+ Kevin was out late for work with an account so Bekah Wilkey came over and we had dinner together. Ryder & Carmen were loving each other haha. Carmen loves to kiss him and they were hugging. It was hilarious & adorable (photos above).

+ Pretty Little Liars with Abby… however when we went to watch it, the recording was interrupted so we didn’t get to watch the Finale! We hung out instead… I stayed up late and watched the Finale. It was a GOOD ONE!!!

+ Blood draw for me, bloodwork as usual ;)

+ Abby & I tried Barre for the first time at Miramont! I had tried it once at a different gym – Raintree… It is a part of our membership now. So pumped!

+ Jaclyn, Wade, & baby Owen Jeppesen came over and we made yummy smoothies & played Pass the Pigs ;) GOOD GAME!!! Ryder enjoyed tossing the pigs when it was his turn haha. So great. (Photo above).

+ Gwen Valles & I decided to meet up at Super Target post workout. The downside was we never found each other until after we were done shopping haha. Ryder kept asking about her daughter Valencia and vice versa. We need to plan better! We tried contacting each other but the service in our Super Target is SO bad.

+ Also, Kevin & I decided to throw Ryder a Birthday party so I went crazy at Party City and Super Target trying to get everything together – not last minute! Evites went out Friday night, the 29th! A week before the party basically. AH. Throwing parties stresses me OUT!

+ BYU Football vs. UCONN Party! Kevin, Ry, me, my dad, Hunter, & Nick from work all watched the game. BYU won… We had pizza and my dad’s homemade guamocole. Kevin made his Velveeta Rotel cheesy dip he likes to make. We had a good time!


Next Up: Labor Day Weekend! & Ryder’s 2nd Birthday!!!


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