Saturday at the Stockcar Races (+ a new Bike)


{ August 30th, 2014 }

But first! Before the stock-car races…Ryder’s new bike pictured above – from Grammy & Papa – arrived during Ryder’s nap time! It was an early Birthday present. Kevin put it together and when Ryder woke up, we brought him down the stairs and he was so excited! ( Earlier in the day, we went to Lee’s Cyclery and got Ryder a helmet. Once he spotted the balance bikes there at the store, he was riding them all over so we knew he would be pumped for his own! ) So yeah, Ryder rode his bike around in street and was in heaven. He likes to take off the helmet which isn’t cool so we will work on that :)

THEN…off we went to the Stock-car Races with my dad & Hunter! They were at the Colorado National Speedway in Erie. It had looked like it was going to rain all day so we were worried but decided to just head out there and give it a try! We tried to go the year prior but it rained out. We brought Ryder some hunting headphones to wear since the racecars are so loud. At first, he was a little unsure but then he was in heaven! We also brought a little car for him to hold while he was there. He kept saying “Look!!! Wow!!!! Hunter look!!!” He basically was attached to Hunter for a majority of the night. He loved watching the cars drive around. He was just mesmerized! We saw a few crashes which were crazy and luckily no one got hurt. Then my dad and I went and got some dinner for us all at the food place – long lines of course and overpriced food ;) We had nachos, chicken fingers, popcorn, hot dogs, haha all the good stuff. I just ate chicken and popcorn :) My dad took a little break to go and buy Hunter & Ryder the racing flags (you can see the one Ryder is holding). Ryder was waving it around like a madman when the cars drove by! It was the CUTEST thing ever. Then it started raining and I was so glad I had thrown in my umbrella last minute into the diaper bag. They had cars driving around trying to dry off the tracks so they could finish the set of races for the night. We just waited it out in the rain for awhile under the umbrella. They did the firework show early since the tracks were getting dried. Ryder was NOT a fan and hid in my arms the whole time. Then afterwards he clapped haha. So confusing. Then we watched another race or two and left since it was getting late (9 or 10 pm)…and past Ryder’s bed time! Ryder fell asleep in the car with his blankey and “bin-t.” It was such a great night!

The following morning, Ryder wouldn’t stop talking about the racecars and how they went fast. He also wanted to wear the hunting earphones all day and wave the flag around haha.

Basically, we need to go back and do this again because we had such a blast! Got a few more races before they close for the year!


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