Ryder’s Planes 2nd Birthday Party!



The week before Ryder’s Planes 2nd Birthday Party with friends & family, I had thought we weren’t throwing Ryder an extravagant (to me) party. Then Kevin was like, “Well, we threw him a big 1 year Birthday party…we have to throw a big 2 year old one!” HAHA. So I quickly hit up Party City & Super Target the following day and got a bunch of Disney Planes themed stuff (cups, napkins, tablecloths, plates, party hats, etc.) as well as got the evites sent out! Oh, and if you are wondering Target sells cute Planes t-shirts! ;) I decided that I would make some Planes type banners…so I made some paper airplane ones (Kevin folded them) & cloud ones. We ordered a cake from Sam’s Club since they are always the way to go (cheapest compared to grocery stores)! We decided to do snacky foods for dinner & cake, of course! I looked around on Pinterest as well for ideas. It just was too overwhelming and (not enough time in advance) to pull anything more extravagant off than what we did haha. And this is going all out for me! I hate throwing parties, honestly. It stresses me out. Also, it gets SO expensive!

The party was on Saturday, September 6th from 6-8 pm at our house. As I was setting up with Bekah Wilkey (she came over early to help me), it started raining really hard! It looked like it would pass over within the next half hour or so. So it finally did pass over around 6:20 pm? I didn’t know what to do. I could either bring the party inside (our main level isn’t that big) or wait it out, and have it outside. People started coming over and hung out inside for a bit. All the chairs I set up earlier got soaked!

* Oh, and the one thing that I hate that I never am good at when I throw these parties, is taking pictures! The pictures I have aren’t great. They are just ones I took REALLY quickly when I had a minute. The table wasn’t all set up and garlands up, etc. But it did take A LOT of time to plan, craft, set up, etc.! So this is what I got… I really need to have someone else take photos for me, I guess!

Moving on. We had chicken salad croissants, chips, fruit salad (amazing one my dad makes), fresh veggies & dip, & cake. I had a sign that said, “Fueling Station.” The drink was a cran drink with Sprite and it was called, “Motor Oil.” We also had bottled water in the orange container.

We put balloons all over the yard and they were secured by golf tees. The signs and banners I made prior in the week.

Who came? My parents & brother, Hunter, Brittany & Tyler Wallace (friends from work), Bekah & Carmen Wilkey, the Valles’ (Danny, Gwen, Valencia, Gabrielle), the Yancey’s (Drew, Anna, Emery, Allegra), Jocelyne & Lila Heinzen, my aunt, NaNet Puccetti, Derk & Sloan Masters…and I think that is it haha… Oh, my friends Josh & Emily & baby Skyler Peterson were going to come but they got sick so didn’t come last minute. Also, Sarah Fleming (friend from work) had family unexpectedly come in town… But we had a blast, all of who came!

Ryder opened some presents. He got some awesome things from his friends! He got a soft soccer ball pillow, Matching First Words game, Target gift card, bubble machine, 4wheeler car which he calls a ‘racecar’, lacrosse sticks, & think that is it! He is lucky to have such good friends :)

All in all, Ryder had a great Birthday! He had fun running around with friends, Hunter, and playing with balls in the backyard. I was a little thrown off by the rainy weather and felt it was a little hectic and chaotic, but nothing you can do about that but swing with it!

We are so grateful for all of our friends and family who love Ryder and are lucky to have them in our lives! :)

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