Ryder’s 2nd Birthday!


Ryder, our baby, turned T W O !!! On September 3rd, 2014!

I still can’t believe this little guy is a legit toddler & two years old! He is such a perfect boy in so many ways! We love him so much! Kevin actually was flying back from a business trip in Wisconsin so he arrived to celebrate Ryder’s birthday around 4-5 pm. So, Ryder & I had the morning & day to ourselves. We hung out together at home and made decorations for his Birthday Party. We had some fun one on one time! So anyways, Kevin gets back and immediately it is present time! We got Ryder a train set for his birthday since he is obsessed with “choo-choo’s” and also a helmet for his bike (present from Grammy & Papa.) He also opened a Rio book that makes sound, which was a gift from Grammy & Papa. He LOVES RIO! He opened a card with money from my Omi & Opi. He had a fun time playing with his new toys and with mommy & daddy… Then we headed off to Red Robin to celebrate with my dad and Hunter. Meanwhile, my mom was taking Kelsi & Zach to BYU so she was still in Utah at this time. So it was 3 boys and me ;) We had a yummy dinner & Ryder got an ice-cream sundae while the Red Robin employees sang to him “Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Have a Happy Day, Hey! Do we have a Birthday here?” and so on haha. I know that song from hearing it whenever we ate there in the past lol. Ryder LOVED licking his ice-cream and was basically in heaven. Afterwards, we had about an hour until bed time so we took him to my parents house to drive him around in their Ranger (like a 4-wheeler) & let him drive their remote control car, which he loooves. All in all, he had a great day! We had a great day too! And honestly, we celebrated his Birthday many other days haha…so those will be coming up soon ;)

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