Ryder’s 2nd Birthday Celebration ~ with my Family


{ Sunday, September 7th, 2014 }

We started the morning off by going to a Special Stake Meeting. Kevin was out of town on a business trip so I met my family there. Ryder loved hanging out with Hunter at church. Then during Ryder’s nap, we had a Presidency Meeting. After…we went to my parents to celebrate Ryder’s 2nd Birthday with my fam! My mom was out of town on his actual Birthday so she wanted to do something for him and also so he could open his presents! Ryder opened his presents – with my help – and was spoiled. He got an awesome winter jacket, Disney Zsum Zsum little stuffed animals from Hunter, soccer/hockey net, Plasma ‘wiggle’ car which he calls his racecar, & the cutest G is for Goat book which kind of matches his Bla Bla Billy the Goat stuffed animal he sleeps with! Ryder loved riding his racecar around the house while holding onto his hockey stick. He also loves doing anything with Hunter. They played mini hockey and soccer for awhile as well. We had a yummy dinner but I can’t remember what it was at this point ha. Then we hung out outside and drove his racecar around and he also played with my dad’s remote control car. We had a great time hanging out with my family and celebrating Ryder’s big day a little late. What a great Sabbath!

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