Colorado Springs 6 Year Anniversary Trip: Pike’s Peak


{ August 7 – 10th, 2014 }

This is the last post in our Colorado Springs 6 Year Anniversary Trip series! The other posts include: Cave of the Winds, Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, & Santa’s Workshop: North Pole.

Saturday, August 9th, we started our day off at Santa’s Workshop: North Pole which is located at the base of Colorado Springs HERE. Then we grabbed a quick lunch at Wendy’s (classy, eh?) and ate it in our hotel lobby before putting Ryder down for a nap. Then post nap, we headed back out to Pike’s Peak to drive to the top of the mountain!!! I was thinking about going to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings but we decided to drive up to Pike’s Peak instead. I’m glad we chose Pike’s Peak! I would love to still go to the cliff dwellings someday ;) I seriously have more things I want to do, so we do need to go back!

Anyways, we decided to get a cheap dinner and grabbed a 5 buck pizza to put in the car and eat at the top of the mountain instead of eating at their overpriced mountain restaurant. So, we drove up to the top. I was stressed 3/4 of the time because I get so scared on high highways where there are no barriers on the side of the cliffs and if you don’t pay attention you can drive off the side of the mountain haha! Kevin was driving and I was trying to make sure he didn’t take his eyes off the road lol.  We made sure we got a picture at Big Foot Crossing haha (photo above). And finally, we made our way to the top of the mountain! We were 14, 110 ft. high! I am glad I threw in a warm vest for Ryder last minute because it was FREEZING at the top! It was in the 30’s or 40’s and very windy! Poor Kevin forgot to pack a jacket! If I had known we were going to come up here, I would have had Kevin bring one, but we changed our plans from the cliff dwellings to this last minute. At the top, we saw the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway which is what we wanted to do originally, especially since Ryder is OBSESSED with ‘choo-choo’s’ but we didn’t want to pay almost $40 a person and have Ryder crammed on our lap for a few hours! He would have just wanted to get off our laps and run around the train. I think we made the right decision to save money and drive up ourselves. But the train sure looked cool! Sometime we will have to take it up :) Ryder didn’t like being up at the peak because it was so cold! We took pictures real quick and then went into the restaurant a the summit of Pike’s Peak. They had special donuts that can only be cooked at the altitude at the summit, so of course, we tried them! They were yummy! We were all fans! Then we made our way back down the mountain to find a place to eat our pizza and hangout. We chose Crystal Creek Reservoir to eat our pizza at. Unfortunately their Visitor Center had closed otherwise we would have let Ryder mine for gold and walk around the lake, etc. And then we ate our 5 buck pizza which was the grossest 5 buck pizza we had ever had haha. I don’t know what happened! It tasted like it was days old lol. So sad! Then a ranger came and told us the park was closing so we headed out. All the views were spectacular and I am so glad we chose this route for our Saturday night!

Then on Sunday, August, 10th we packed up and got Katinka on the way back home. Then we went to my parent’s ward for sacrament.

We had a GREAT Anniversary Trip Weekend!!!


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