September Happenings + Kevin’s Early Birthday Celebration


{ September 8th – September 16th, 2014 }

This week (& a half) was fun! Well, Kevin was in Pittsburgh and also NYC on business for some of the week (September 7th through the 11th) so Ryder & I kept ourselves busy just hanging out the two of us.

What were we up to?

+ Usual: Gym, Visiting Teaching, Blogging, Shopping (Target, Sam’s Club, Dollar store, Party City), Laundry

+ Sarah came over & we watched the Bachelor in Paradise finale. Ha. What a dumb show but somehow we all watched it lol.

+ For my calling, we conducted Visiting Teaching Interviews.

+ Café Rio with the family! Can’t go wrong with either of those ;)

+ Got our yearly flu shot! And I was impressed to see on the paper you fill out at Target (to get your flu shot), that it had a place where you could check if you or someone you know, has ‘Ankylosing Spondylitis’!!! I was like “YES!” Also, a place to check if you or someone close you know is on an ‘Immunosupressent’ drug, “YES!!!” Slowly, it is maybe becoming a little more known in the world haha! Probably not ;)

+ Panera lunch with the Relief Society Presidency.

+ Cool Beans with the DeGraff’s. Ryder, Finn, & Oli had fun riding matching tricycles around and running around playing with all the random stuff to do at Cool Beans! We went in the evening & stayed pretty late since both husbands were out of town!

+ HuHot Express with my mom & Hunter! So good.

+ Oh, I cut Ryder’s binkies (BIN-T how Ry says it) & he was upset the first few nap times but honestly, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be! He just knows his “Bin-tees broke!” Haha. I was shocked that it wasn’t harder! He is doing great now. There was a little transition time and days but honestly, not bad!!! If only he knew that I broke them!

+ Music Makers: This was our first time going to Music Makers (a free music class that some girls from the church put on) & Ryder did alright. It was all new to us and he isn’t the type of kid – yet – that will sit quietly and raise his hand for questions or to be called on haha. We will maybe try it again sometime soon. That is where the parachute picture is from ;) That was Ryder’s favorite part of the class.

+ FHE with Kevin and we also watched Need for Speed ha. Just reminds me of Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad.

+ Ryder got his first pompadour haircut haha. I’m not sure what I think of it. I think I miss his longer hair, not that it was really long to begin with though. We take him to a cheap-o place and the lady cut too much off the top of his hair, which is kind of the point with the hairstyle. Oh well, it’ll grow out! It was an impulse decision! HA.

+ Cherry Creek Shopping: Went there with my mom and Hunter. Patrick met us there as he was looking for a business suit for a college business trip coming up soon. We didn’t have much time at all to do anything other than suit shop! Need to go back ASAP! I did run into H&M & got Ryder a pair of shorts and some beanies really quick. Meanwhile, Kevin took Ryder to Walmart to get the Mazda’s oil changed. They hung out & watched Frozen & ate McDonald’s. The wait was long! I hate that!!! (Photos above lol).

+ Then we drove off to another part of Denver for my cousin, James Seilbachs’ son, Adam, because he was having a Book Release/Signing Party at their home for friends and family. He just wrote a book and is donating some proceeds to charity. It is on Amazon. I think Hunter is going to read it! They had their house all decked out in the theme/style of the book. It was sweet! We ate dinner there. Oh, and Kevin & Ryder drove up for the fun! Pretty awesome!

+ Fossil Creek Play Date with Abby & her twins. We met at the baseball field at Fossil Creek Park. We brought balls. The kids ran around, threw balls, and basically we had to chase the balls for them since they just kept throwing them over a fence haha. Not exactly the point of bringing them there to do that lol. Then Erin Neville came with her daughter Nora and we hung out at the park area of it. Good times!

+ Kevin’s Early Birthday Celebration: Since we were going out of town to Utah that weekend, my family wanted to celebrate Kevin’s Birthday before we left. Kevin chose to eat dinner at the Macaroni Grill. It was very good! He got loaded up with tons of BYU gear for his Birthday. Perfect timing since we were heading out there and going to a BYU Football game! He also got some camping equipment we needed and some KC Chief’s Football cards ha. It was a fun night!

+ And lastly, the New Girl & Mindy Project had their season premieres so you better believe we planned to watch that…so I had to do lots of packing earlier and not last minute ;)

Next Up: our Utah trip!




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