When I got Pneumonia & other fun stuff that went down…


Just popping in to do a little update from another ‘in between trips’ type of post ;) We had just gotten back from Alabama; more on that HERE. And we would be leaving shortly for our F I V E year Anniversary trip to Colorado Springs with the Ry-man!

Highlights included:

+ Getting all caught up from our Alabama trip – unpacking, cleaning, laundry, insurance calls (FML), church calling stuff, returning and checking out new books to read ;) [Now Reading: the Fallen series (photo above)], etc.

+ Gym: Advanced Step & Body Define Yoga (both my favorites).

+ BBQ with the DeGraff’s: Ryann, Abby, & their twins, Finn & Olli came over for a kabob night at our house. We made kabobs with steak, chicken, peppers, onions, and pineapple. It was delicious! Kevin made an orzo pasta salad which was yummy. We had rolls and fresh pineapple as well. We had a fun evening! The boys had fun together as well (photo above of Ryder, Olli, & Finn on the couch.)

+ Packing, packing, and more packing ;)

+ Meanwhile, my mom, dad, Hunter, & Zach were in Prague for the World’s YoYo Contest. Ryder & I watched Zach in the Prelims (photos of Ryder smiling watching Zach on the computer) the morning before leaving for Colorado Springs. Zach did okay in the Prelims and then made it on to the Semi-finals. I’ll update on how he did later ;) [ Hint: HE DID AMAZING! ]

And on the PNEUMONIA crap/low-light of the week:

+ About 30 minutes before Kevin was about to come home from work for us to head out to Colorado Springs… just.in.time. to eat our dinner at Garden of the Gods, I was like, “dang my chest hurts” so I googled, “Chest pain and coughing” because I kind of had been a little sick I guess. I was going to see the doctor the following week so I was like, “eh, I can ask then if I don’t feel better.” But then I saw ‘Bronchitis and pneumonia” pop up on the screen. I hadn’t really been thinking about my health but I was a little off. I had been sneezing a bunch all last week and in Alabama. I thought I was having allergies. And I had just gotten my Remicade infusion the week prior which means my immune system is at its lowest and I can get sick real easily. Basically, Remicade is a medicine that suppresses your immune system on purpose in order for my immune system to not attack itself and cause all my arthritis problems (Ankylosing Spondyltis). Ryder had been getting over a cold and I was worried I would get sick but I thought I had made it.  So my chest had been hurting bad but I thought it was from my chest injury earlier this year that hurts when I lift too much or do too much (maybe I should let it heal ha). So basically, I guess I had a prompting and told Kevin that maybe I should go to Urgent Care. So I did on a whim and felt pretty stupid about it in case they would say, “Oh you have a cold, just wait it out”. They got me in to a normal doctor since they had an opening and he said I had pneumonia. I was shocked but very grateful I went in when I did. I was going to wait over the weekend and see if I got any better but I probably would have gotten worse and probably not enjoyed our Anniversary weekend as much. Because of my medicine, I can get sick easier and when I get sick, I can get much sicker than the normal person. Because of that, I’m learning to be more proactive about my health. So that along with my chest pain is why I went in. I am SO GLAD I DID! I started on Augmentin (antibiotics) which helped over the weekend. I think I need to take it easy and rest more because I am feeling so run down. Anyways, I’ve had pneumonia when I was in like elementary school and remember thinking it was horrible. I think I caught it a little earlier this time so I hope I will feel ‘normal’ soon enough. I really need to get on a healthy streak!!!

So yeah, we were off to Colorado Springs for our big weekend and I had pneumonia ;)

Next Up: Our Colorado Springs 5 Year Anniversary Trip!


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