Sloan’s Do Georgia + Alabama!


{ July 30th – August 3rd, 2014 }

My Omi & Opi live in Enterprise, Alabama. It is a small town in southern Alabama. Every once in awhile, Kevin flies down to Atlanta and/or Birmingham for work. He had a meeting in Atlanta and Birmingham this week so we decided to tag along and after the meeting in Birmingham, drive down to my grandparents! It was Kevin’s first time in Alabama – well in Enterprise - and same with Ryder’s…except for the fact that he came down when I was pregnant with him :) So I guess he has sort of been there before!

We flew in to Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, July 30th. It was a 3 hour flight and he did really well! It did help that I was prepared with lots of snacks and new toys to entertain him (thank you Thomas the Train Take-a-Long toy! and many shows on the Kindle) We got the rental car and Kevin was picked up by the Sales Rep in the area and I was off on my own to drive through downtown Atlanta rush hour traffic to our hotel ;) It was supposed to only take 30 min. to get to the hotel…but it took me over an hour! OH MY GOSH! Driving in a big city that you don’t know - at all - during rush hour traffic is STRESSFUL! I missed so many turns and exits. I kept having to re-route my directions and then because I was on a different road it would change everything and tell me to go a different way to the hotel. Basically it was H-E-double hockey stick hahaha. SO, I finally got to the hotel and my Aunt RaKel Recznik is there, Uncle Jim, and 2 cousins GaVin and LoGan! I hadn’t seen them since I was pregnant when my mom & I went down to Alabama the summer before having Ryder. I actually didn’t see Jim that time so I probably hadn’t seen him in YEARS like maybe 8? Anyways, we hung out at the hotel and the kids played while we were waiting for Kevin to get dropped off after his meeting (photo of the boys being silly on our hotel bed above). Well, he actually ended up getting dropped off at the wrong hotel 30 min. away! AHH!! LOL. It was like dejavu all over! So I was bummed that he wouldn’t get to meet all the Recznik’s since he has never met Jim or LoGan I think. It was so good to see them though! So Ryder & I left and made it in 40 min. instead of 30. GOSH. Dang ATLANTA traffic! It kills me. Then Kevin drove (hallelujah!) and we met up with his friends Tony & Katlyn at their house. They have a little girl about Ryder’s age, Claire, but by the time we got there it was past 9 pm! They will have to play sometime in the future. Anyways, we had Zaxby’s for dinner with them, hung out, and had brownies for dessert. We could have stayed there much later but it was 11 pm and we had to be up early the next day! Not enough time! It was fun to hang out with them. I had met Tony a couple of times during our BYU days. Kevin and Tony actually served a mission together in Milan, Italy and also both played Baseball in college, so they got along well.

Thursday, July 31st, we drove to Birmingham which is about 3 hours away from Atlanta. Kevin had some business meetings and then once we were done with that, we headed down to Enterprise where my Omi & Opi live. That was another 3-ish hours…and on the longer side since Kevin missed an exit ha. The thing that was a bummer was that Opi was out of town and would be flying back home the day we left, so we missed him this trip by hours! Joining Kevin in Alabama was a last minute thing and there wasn’t any flexibility since he was going for work. My cousin CaLon Toner (who lives in Utah with my awesome aunt JaKie well and her whole family) was actually staying with Omi at the time. Each summer, he stays with Omi & Opi for a couple of weeks. So he was there and we hadn’t seen him in awhile, so that was fun! So we finally got there in time for dinner. We ate, unpacked, and hung out for the rest of the day.

Friday, August 1st, we had a yummy breakfast of French toast made by Omi. She LOVES to cook. Ryder enjoyed playing foosball and yes, their foosball table is in their kitchen. Ryder seriously was playing foosball all weekend ha (photo above). We then headed over to an amazing park in Enterprise, called the Enterprise Recreational Center. We brought bread to feed the ducks but unfortunately they weren’t interested :( We walked over to the park and Ryder loved it and even decided to do the splash pad in his normal clothes (photos above). He just can’t get away from the “Wa-ee-yay” aka water ha. One thing I noticed that there are a ton of crepemyrtle trees all over Alabama; they are gorgeous! They are the trees with flowers at the end of each branch (photo above). Then we went back to Omi & Opi’s home and swam in their pool. Ryder was in heaven! He became obsessed with jumping off the diving board (photo above)! I was so impressed actually. He also has improved so much with swimming with his Puddle Jumper (floaty thing)! He was a little fish this weekend! Omi’s friend Erika came over and brought her kids so they all swam with us. Then Ryder took a nap and I read some more of the book, Fallen. Then after Ryder’s nap time, we ate dinner at Larry’s BBQ which was yummy. We took some pictures outside the restaurant (photos above). Ryder & CaLon were twinning in tank tops ;) Then Omi drove us around Enterprise and showed the city highlights to Kevin like the schools that were destroyed by the tornado & monument to it, new high school that was built (INSANELY NICE), downtown area, and then we got some ice-cream at Milky Moos. I was also impressed with Ryder since normally he isn’t a fan of ice-cream but this time he was! Thanks Alabama for helping us get Ryder to like ice-cream lol (photo above). Then Ryder threw a tantrum and we put him in timeout downtown which was funny (photo above). Then we got a photo of the famous Boll Weavil statue (photo above). It’s a little awkward that it’s in the middle of an intersection ha. Then we hung out at Omi’s and called it a day!

Saturday, August 2nd, we swam and I practiced my diving haha (photos above). The last time I dove was probably here in Alabama lol. I am an awful swimmer so I worked on that. We had A BLAST! I wish we could have stayed days longer just hanging out in their pool. So much fun! Then we had a German lunch of weiners and after Ryder’s nap we went with Omi to Fort Rucker to the Commissary and PX. She got us a bunch of German food to take home (can’t wait to cook it soon!) and then after we got home, we had a yummy German dinner of spaetzle and goulash! German food was kind of the theme that day ;) Then we swam after dinner and after Ryder was in bed, we watched Les Miserables…which I kind of fell asleep in. I need to re-watch it and watch it when I am well rested so I can pay attention! It was good, I think! For dessert, we had angel food cake, my favorite!

Sunday, August 3rd, we had Belgian waffles and quickly packed up our stuff to head back to Atlanta to catch our flight home. Omi had packed us a yummy lunch and we ate it at a Atlanta Visitor’s Center rest stop that was actually really nice (photos above). Then we caught our flight, Kevin & Ryder witnessed a girl throwing up at the airport (THANK GOODNESS I didn’t see that), and we got lucky since no one sat on our row and Ryder got an empty seat! It was perfection. Ryder watched Planes, Kevin worked, and I read and took care of our Ry-man! Then we got home and I unpacked and was SOOO tired and called it a night.

Our southern weekend was a BLAST! Can’t wait to go back! Hopefully sooner rather than later!


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