July means BBQ’s, Infusions, Swimming, & Loveland Kid’s Day


{ July 25 – July 29th, 2014 }

We had just got back from Denver the day before and got to play some catch up. More on our Denver trip HERE! Ah, Denver was so fun. I’d love to go back and explore more… someday! So, this post is basically the in-betweens of Denver and our Alabama trip! Yep, we are packing in the trips in July haha. We did not plan it like this but it just kind of happened. I’d prefer them to be more spread out ;) So if you’re confused, yes, we also just went to Alabama right after being in Denver.

Some highlights from the in-betweens include!

+ Swimming at Thompson River Ranch with Laura Neibaur (& her kiddos) & Abby DeGraff & her twin boys. We had fun hanging out at the pool and catching up a little as I hadn’t seen Laura for a bit! She also just had a baby boy last night!!! I can’t believe it. Anyways, photo of our attractive pool selves above ;) But really, Laura looks bomb pregnant. I wish I looked like her when I was pregnant! Maybe next time…haha probably not.

+ We had Josh & Emily Peterson over to watch The Bachelorette…like 5 days late. Got to catch up! We had fun!

+ Kevin did some yard work so I got Ryder out of the house. We hit up Super Target for some last minute things for our Alabama trip (hello toys/snacks to entertain him on our 3 hour flight!) & then we went to the library to check out some books. Oh, and the huge balls at Target were $1.52 so we got a couple in case Ryder pops one ;) Ryder will kick those in our backyard all day if you let him! Photo above!

+ Ulta with my mom – we stocked up some of our favorite products because of their 20% off coupon & liter sale was going on. Also- I got a hair wand which I tried the following day and loved (photo of my hair all wavy/curly thanks to the wand above!)

+ BBQ Dinner with the Degraff’s – They were so nice to invite us over for a yummy BBQ consisting of chicken, watermelon, a pasta salad, and yummy bread. We brought some balloons over and the boys were in heaven. They played outside for a bit and ran around inside and popped some more balloons. Then we went to Spooner’s for some frozen yogurt to call it a night! We attempted to get a photo and the one above is the best one we have (the one with Ryder & Finn in my lap and Abby with Oliver and balloons of course)!

+ Ryder - at 22 months old! - cried at Miramont while I was in my friend Mindy’s yoga class so hard that they came and got me haha. First time he has ever done that!!! I started taking him there at 6 months old and he never needed me lol. It was right after our Denver trip and they say a lot of times the kids are fussy and/or cry the day after trips in the gym’s daycare…like it isn’t as familiar anymore to them and they need a day or so to get back into the swing of things. I still can’t believe he cried so I had to get him and leave lol.

+ Got my Remicade Infusion! I started reading the book Fallen while I was at it. It was a decent read, as I just finished it. Not my most favorite but not the worst. It wasn’t bad…rated it a 4/5 on Goodreads ;) I also went to a different nurse since I had to reschedule and my veins were difficult for her. My vein blew out and then she had to re-do it higher…basically the spot of your ‘elbow-pit’ if that makes sense. That is my least favorite spot!!! So it was an awkward infusion since I felt like I couldn’t move my arm and my arm went numb. But regardless, I got my drugs so I am good :)

+ Sarah came over and we watched The Bachelorette finale! It ended well in my opinion with Andi choosing Josh!

+ Went to my favorite Advanced Step class and then met up with Abby Degraff & her boys at the Loveland Kid’s Day out at Centerra in Loveland. We only stayed for an hour but I wish we could have stayed longer! It was such a fun little kid carnival type thing and they do them every 2 weeks in the summer there. Each Kid’s Day has a theme and this one was Transportation. They had police cars, fire trucks, a horse drawn carriage, train rides (which Ryder LOVED and threw a tantrum each time I took him off the train), balloons, free cotton candy, free spin the wheel ‘win toys’ things (Ryder was allowed to take 3 toys when he was supposed to take 1 lol), etc.! Ryder LOVED it all! He especially loved the “choo-choo” rides (photos above of him and Finn & Oliver)! We are definitely going to the next one – Animal themed!

+ Of course, packing! And luckily getting in my Pretty Little Liars right before bedtime…perfect timing!

Next Up: Our Alabama trip!


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