Colorado Springs 6 Year Anniversary Trip: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo


More of our Anniversary trip in Colorado Springs! Friday, August 8th, 2014 - After nap time, post Cave of the Winds (HERE) & Garden of the Gods (HERE)…we headed off to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo! The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is probably the most beautiful zoo I’ve ever been to! I was so amazed! It is on Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs by the Broadmoor hotel. It is literally on the side of the mountain! So you would look at a few animals and then either hike alongside the mountain to the next “level” of animals or take an elevator up. It was so cool! It would have sucked to have a really heavy stroller ;) One thing I knew about, before going to the zoo was that it is the only zoo where you can feed giraffes! So we were definitely going to do that! Oh, and just a tip: they usually have coupons going for the admission ticket…we saved a couple dollars off of each of us…Ryder was free! Just look at their website. So, we first get in, feed giraffes…which was SO fun. By the way, they have REALLY LONG TONGUES! They were so hilarious. Ryder was creeped out by feeding them. It was just great. Then we found some elephants…my favorite animal! Ryder is really smart at knowing and doing the elephant noise ha! So cute. He was afraid of the bird area where they were flying all around us and pooping all over. I was surprised because he is obsessed with Rio and calls birds, Rio! We just walked around, took pictures, had fun; it was perfection! OH, and we came from like 4-7 pm-ish or whenever they closed which was the prime time to come! No one was here! There was a slight chance of rain – well this whole weekend there was but it worked out perfectly for us – so maybe that is why it wasn’t as crowded. But it was amazing to basically have the zoo to your entire self! Ah, we so loved this. I wish we had an amazing zoo in Fort Collins! They are so fun!

We headed out after the zoo closed and then went downtown to Old Colorado City for dinner. We ate at an overpriced Greek restaurant…probably wouldn’t recommend it. We didn’t realize the pricing until we were seated and it was a bummer haha. I mean, it was good/alright food, but just overpriced which stunk. Then we went back to our hotel to call it a night!

This day was AMAZING and a great start to our trip!

Next Up: Colorado Springs 6 Year Anniversary Trip: Santa’s Workshop at the Nole Pole!

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