Colorado Springs 6 Year Anniversary Trip: Santa’s Workshop North Pole


Saturday, August 9th, 2014 ~ Santa’s Workshop: North Pole

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Now for Santa’s Workshop!

We had a blast at Santa’s Workshop North Pole! It is a little amusement park/shops/attraction at the base of Pike’s Peak in Cascade. So…it is literally on the side of the mountain!

[ FYI- Print a coupon off their website before going to save a few bucks. Don’t plan on showing your phone because you probably wouldn’t have service. So glad we printed ours! ]

So we went in and were one of the first in the park! We had gotten there early. Our plan was to go to the theme park before Ryder’s nap at 1 pm. I think it opened at 10 am.

OH…but wait. When we were eating our bomb free breakfast at the hotel, we actually were watching Zach live in PRAGUE compete in the National Yo-Yo Contest! And…he placed 5th in THE WORLD! So yeah, we watched him – on Kevin’s laptop – while eating our food. Everyone was listening to the yo-yo music and stuff from our computer haha. But he did really well and it was perfect timing for us to see him considering him and my family was in Prague and we were in Colorado on a super busy trip!

Anyways, back to the North Pole! So Santa was walking around and we got a picture of Ryder & him ha. Ryder usually cries when he is close to Santa but this time he held his hand and did great! So we are making progress with that! One of the first rides we went on was the train, of course! Ryder was in heaven! (We actually rode on it twice.) We rode all sorts of rides. Ryder chose what ones he wanted to ride on. We would ask him and he would say yes or no. He chose some rides I didn’t want to go on so Kevin went on all of those. Anything that spins, twirls, goes up and down, just weirds me out haha. We took tons of videos and pictures of him going on rides. It cracked me up. Some of the rides were fast too! Oh, and the awesome thing was that the park really wasn’t that busy at all! It was supposed to rain – and it did start to drizzle when we were heading out – so we think that is why it wasn’t too crowded. AMAZING! Absolutely NO lines for rides!

Ryder liked pretty much all of the rides except for a rocket ship one that swings back and forth (kind of like the boat ones)…I hate those. Kevin took Ryder on that and Ryder dug his head into Kevin’s leg and said “no” the whole time. So SAD! Then Ryder chose to go on a big roller coaster ride. The guy who operates the ride said that he would let them go around it once and if Ryder liked it, keep going, or if he didn’t, let him out. When he asked Ryder if he liked it, Ryder said ‘NO’, and they got out haha. So funny!

Anyone else hate ferris wheels? Somehow Kevin talked me into going on it. BUT HEY – I guess I am glad I did because…

It is the HIGHEST ferris wheel in the world! (elevation-wise)

So the views…should have been spectacular if I had my eyes open. I don’t like ferris wheels that much and I definitely don’t like the fast ones and this one was fast. I even asked the guy who operates it if it was fast and he said no haha. SO lame. I was trying to just endure the ride and breathe through it and Kevin was taking pictures and rocking the little thing we sat in. Not cool!

Oh, and they do have the North Pole in the middle of the park (photo above)! It is a frozen piece of ice! Everyone was touching it.

Then it started drizzling and we called it good and grabbed lunch on the way back to our hotel for Ryder’s nap!

What a FUN morning! We so loved it! It was such a scenic cute place! Go if you have the chance!

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