Colorado Springs 6 Year Anniversary Trip: Garden of the Gods


This is the second post for our Anniversary trip! Friday, August 8th, 2014… we first went on a Cave of the Winds Tour (more on that HERE) and hit up Subway on our way out  for lunch at this GORGEOUS location – Garden of the Gods! We drove around the park a few times and realized we had come at a bad time. There are only a few parking lots and they were all full unfortunately. I wanted to eat lunch down by the big rocks but we were too late! It was so busy and everyone was desperate to find a spot like us ;) We found a parking spot at the entrance to the park and so that is where we had our picnic lunch (and where our pictures are mainly from). The weather was cool and we had an amazing view… Everything was perfect except for a few storm clouds rolling in. I was just hoping the storm would wait for us to eat our lunch and head back to the hotel. We basically finished and it started sprinkling. I cannot get over the views here. I want to go back and spend more time walking around the park. We could have stayed here for hours or days but we decided to keep to Ryder’s nap schedule to have the most pleasant trip for all ;) Plus, I had pneumonia and needed to sit down and relax for a bit haha. So we left and Ryder took a nap and we prepared for our next big excursion!

Next Up: Colorado Springs 6 Year Anniversary Trip: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo!

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