That weekend when I chopped off 10 inches of my hair…



{ July 11 – 13, 2014 }

So this weekend actually had a lot of fun stuff packed in and a whole lot of productive-ness! Besides the gym, unpacking, cleaning, catching up on Pretty Little Liars ;) … both Kevin & Ryder got hair cuts this weekend on Friday night. They were getting them done at the same time, it was so cute. Ryder wasn’t sure of the place since it wasn’t Cool Cuts…and Cool Cuts has a cool car that he sits in and drives while watching Cars or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ha. We fed him raisins during his haircut and it turned out great actually and was about half the price (photos above). We feel like his haircut makes him look like a big boy! We watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and we liked it! We did some random odd job things on Saturday…getting windshield wipers, buying ink, really fun stuff like that hahaha…

Pantene Beautiful Lengths: Then I got my hair cut! For a couple of years I’d been wanting to cut off a bunch of hair and donate it to either Locks of Love or one of those types of charities to be made into a wig for cancer patients. So, I always have had long hair, really, and at this point, it was WAY TOO LONG and I knew it. I wanted it to be below my shoulders so I was trying to find charities that took hair donations that weren’t as long as 10 inches haha. 10 inches is what Locks of Love requires. SO I found Pantene Beautiful Lengths and they require 8 inches for the minimum donation. Everyone was like, “Oh yeah, you have really long hair. It’ll be still really long even after they cut that much.” But I knew in my mind it would be shorter than they were saying. So, I was like, “Well, why not?” If I didn’t donate my hair, I’d still get a few inches off but not 8 or 10 inches. BUT why not go a little shorter than I probably would want and just donate it? Once I decided to, it was easy to do it. I was nervous but I knew that the feeling of having my hair a little too short for my liking would be nothing compared to what my hair would mean to a cancer patient! It was a no brainer! So I called in & they happened to have an opening at Europa so I went in and did it! My favorite girl, Amy Beth, is on maternity leave for now so I went in and saw whoever. Apparently, they cut off ponytails to donate all the time so it wasn’t anything new to them, which was reassuring to me. I sure didn’t want it done incorrectly, and that would be horrible, especially to not cut off ‘just enough’ or whatever and waste it! So the funny thing was, the girl didn’t measure my hair…she just eye-balled it. So, when I got my ponytail it was more like 10 inches haha, not 8…but at that point, I didn’t care. Whoever gets the wig, will hopefully feel pretty in it :) So I feel really weird with short hair ha. I feel like I am either in the 8th grade or an older lady…so. But my hair is growing on me, literally, and like, well, I think I am starting to like it, for a change. My hair grows so fast so I am not concerned. It’ll be long in no time! If you ever are cutting long hair and have any to spare, I would highly recommend donating your hair! I mailed mine in the next Monday and off it went! Super easy and I felt great! :)

Then after my hair was chopped off, we had yummy BLT’s, went on a walk to Water’s Way Park, Ryder walked Katinka (photo above), and he jumped in our kiddie pool for an evening swim (photos above). Sunday was filled with church stuff… and I signed up last minute to feed the missionaries dinner that night so we winged it and Kevin actually made the most amazing breaded pork…it was SO GOOD! After we ate with them, we hung out in the backyard while cookies were baking, and then Ryder jumped in the pool again hahaha (more photos of course)... and in his normal diaper so it got so huge and full of water… then we frosted sugar cookies & called it a night!

Really though, it was a great weekend!


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  1. I LOVE your shorter hair! I think it looks great! Not old lady-ish or super young at all!!