Sloan’s Do Denver: 16th Street Mall, Cherry Creek, Children’s Museum, & More


{ July 21 – 24th, 2014 }

Kevin was attending the NHL Tradeshow down in Denver at the Pepsi Center from Monday, July 21st through Thursday, the 24th. Since no one was rooming with him, Ryder & I decided to come hangout and spend a few days in Denver and see him super late at night! I also thought I could do a little shopping and see some friends. I picked up Kevin & Sarah at Zephyr & we all headed down to the Crowne Plaza where we would all be staying. When we got there, I worked on unpacking a little while Kevin and Sarah unpacked and set up the booth at the tradeshow. The Crowne Plaza is in the heart of downtown Denver right next to the 16th Street Mall. It has a pretty prime location! Ryder & I were done at the hotel and Kevin & Sarah were still setting up the booth so we decided to walk around the 16th Street Mall. We shopped at H&M & I got Ryder a few things. We then browsed and walked around… saw some break-dancers… and then ended up at Barne’s & Noble & I let Ryder play with the Thomas the Train set they have. He LOVED it. Then Kevin & Sarah got back and we decided to eat at the Lime Cantina. Sarah’s boyfriend Chris met up with us for dinner. It was past Ryder’s bed time but he did alright. He had a sucker for the first time and he loved it! We had a fun night and then headed back to the hotel.

On Tuesday, the tradeshow started real early so Ryder & I ate a little breakfast in the concierge lounge. Then we got all ready and went swimming on top of the hotel on its rooftop. It was actually a really cool set up! Amazing view, great lounge couches and chairs, and I guess it was my first time swimming on the rooftop of a hotel! It was fun! Ryder tried to throw his little pool ball over the roof but I grabbed it just in time before it went plummeting into the traffic below…thank goodness! He also jumped in the pool about a hundred times. He is such a little dare devil and runs to the parts of the pool where I can’t get to quickly and will want to jump off! I cannot take my eye off him for .2 seconds! He would just jump in! Then we went down to the 16th Street Mall to grab a quick lunch before Ryder’s nap time. On the way to finding a place to eat, there was a balloon guy making balloons for kids. I was like, “Oh, I’m ok, I don’t have any money, sorry” and he said “It’s free” so he made Ryder an airplane to fly around. It was all fun and games until he broke the airplane on our way back to the hotel by popping it on the ground. It was cute though! Then Ryder took a nap and I got ready and after he woke up we drove over to the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. I had a return and exchange to do there and then we hit Nordstrom for their Anniversary Sale. I got Ryder a few pairs of shoes since some of them were about half off. Now he has 3 pairs to grow into! They are SOO CUTE and honestly, the cheapest you can get them! I did my research. I got him some Pumas, Nikes, & Adidas kicks ;) Then we ate a quick dinner at Panda Express and Ryder LOVED his Asian chicken! He basically ate a whole entrée. I was proud!

Wednesday came and in the morning, Ryder & I met up with my cousin, Samantha Johnston and her boy Sawyer - who is just a couple of months younger than Ryder – at the Denver Children’s Museum. I’d been wanting to go to the Children's Museum for awhile and was glad we were able to meet there! It was a lot of fun for the kids. Ryder & Sawyer had fun climbing in little tree houses, playing with balls, dressing up in firefighter outfits (they actually HATED THIS & cried haha), playing with “choo-choos,” & playing with all sorts of things that you literally cannot describe because they are so random…you just have to be there. But they loved it! After their fun hours in the museum we ate at the only place we could find – KFC… All the close places to the museum downtown, you have to either parallel park & pay parking meters, pay for a parking garage, and they are like nice sit-down restaurants. We wanted something quick since it was getting close to nap time and they were tired from playing. Ryder actually threw a tantrum in KFC haha... so embarrassing, but it was kind of funny. It was so good to see her and meet Sawyer & I think we will definitely meet up again sometime and hopefully soon! Brittany Lenski (my cousin in CO Springs) was going to meet us as well, but her girl Adeline was sick so she couldn’t make it. Next time! Then after nap time, Ryder & I met up with Rachel Holmes – a friend from BYU – at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. It was so fun to see her! We had a great time catching up and then when we were done with dinner we walked around the 16th Street Mall for fun. Then we both went back to my hotel since it was like less than a block away and let Ryder run around crazy in our hotel room. OH, forgot to mention, our hotel room was awesome because it was 2 rooms and there were 2 bathrooms…and we fit Ryder’s crib in the 2nd bathroom and he slept amazing! So yeah, it was great to see Rachel as well! Kevin & Sarah were packing up the booth and had a NHL party to attend otherwise they would have came to dinner as well.

Thursday morning, Kevin left with the NHL people in a shuttle and Ryder & I had a quick breakfast at the concierge, packed up, and headed back to Fort Collins!

Honestly, it was a really fun time in Denver and I am glad we were able to go along with Kevin! It was fun to spend more time in Denver in general as well. I feel like I learned the area a little bit better. I feel like I can drive around the city ok except for the highways. I get nervous because I don’t know all the exits and there are so many lanes. I am definitely a smaller town type of girl ha but not too small of course. It was also fun to spend time with people who we only see if we go up to the temple and have time…which is fairly often, but still. I think we will be exploring our state a little more. There are some awesome things to do in Colorado!


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