Patrick’s Birthday, Baby Kisses, & Picnics


{ June 23 – 27, 2014 }

Monday, June 23rd: We actually got back from our Kansas City trip the early morning of June 23d (HERE). We got Miss Katinka from the kennel and I worked on unpacking. Kevin went into work. In the evening, I actually got my teeth cleaned while my mom watched Ryder & Kevin stayed working late. I had a yummy dinner at my parents. Then Kevin & I watched The Bachelorette since we were behind :)

Tuesday, June 24th: Ry & I went to the gym. Afterwards, I worked on unpacking and cleaning… It is SO fun to come back home after a trip, right? ;) You have tons of laundry, stuff to put away, no groceries, have to go get some soon, it’s great haha. After Kevin finished up at work we met my family at Cracker Barrel. It felt like we hadn’t seen everyone in so long but it had only been about 2 weeks! The summers are always crazy though! Everyone is in and out of town and you miss each other! So, that was fun. Ryder was super excited to see my brothers. Hunter carried him in AND my diaper bag haha (photos above). They actually have these tin foil dinners there now so my dad & I got them. It reminded me of camping, of course! The ones we eat camping are definitely better though. Then we rushed home to watch The Bachelorette with Sarah who works with Kevin at Zephyr. Good times as always!

Wednesday, June 25th: I went to Body Define Yoga. Then I continued working on unpacking, cleaning, organizing, AND…going through my clothes! My mom & I planned to go shopping in Boulder that weekend so I wanted to see if I could make some money to spend on some new ones by selling some that I don’t like/wear anymore haha. After Ryder woke up from his nap, we went to Plato’s Closet & Clothes Mentor to sell clothes…made $30 ha. I bought Ryder a cute Nike baseball outfit and Polo shirt from TJ Maxx  & got some sunglasses for myself at Target. I never want to stay in those stores when they are looking through my clothes so we browse other stores instead! I think we broke even ha.

Thursday, June 26th: Patrick’s Birthday! But Kevin left for Indianapolis in the morning and would get back the next day for a business trip. Ryder & I went to Miramont and ran into Abby DeGraff. We cut our workout short and just talked ha. It was worth it. Then we met Bekah Wilkey & Carmen at Water’s Way Park. We had a picnic. It was really fun and good to see her. Ryder & Carmen exchanged kisses while eating their lunch at the picnic table (photos above). SO FUNNY and CUTE!!! Then in the evening, Ryder & I met up with my family for dinner at my parent’s house and to eat a big Mary’s Mountain Cookie (in substitute of a birthday cake) for Patrick. He opened his presents. It was a fun little celebration! Patrick didn’t want any photos otherwise I’d have some haha. Oh and Ryder & I played baseball outside (photos above). He was practicing his pitching. It was the best. Just like his daddy!

Friday, June 27th: I went to Body Define Yoga with Abby. Then I ran errands at Petsmart and Target. Ryder & I had a little backyard picnic…which involved a huge mess for all. Both our clothes were completely dirty in the food we ate. He wouldn’t stay seated and ran around with his food and everything. He got hummus all over me and threw Ranch around ha. It was eventful, hilarious, messy, but a good time. During nap time, I did some online shopping…read…then Kevin got back in late that evening!

It was a good little week of getting back into the swing of things!

The weekend would get even better ;)


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