Our Weekend: Amberley’s Going-Away Party & Swimming


{ July 18 – 20th, 2014 }

Last weekend was great! On Friday, I went to my friend Amberley Meehleis’ ‘Going-Away Party’ at Old Chicago’s (photos above). I’ve been friends with her ever since I moved to Fort Collins in 3rd grade at 8 years old. We became friends since we lived 1 block away from each other, went to church together, and danced together doing clogging. If I think about it, it is crazy how many good memories we have together and inside jokes! It was good to go to her party and see some of her siblings and friends and send her off to Costa Mesa, California! I hope she loves it there. Then Saturday, Kevin did a little baseboard touching up on the main level. Yes, we still have a few little things on our ‘To-Do’ from the whole kitchen remodel/renovation from last summer haha. See some of our kitchen remodel stuff HERE! While Kevin was painting away, I took Ryder to grab a few things from Super Target and to hit up the library and redeem his Summer Reading Program stuff for a free book! He got a cute Curious George Aquarium book. Looks super vintage! Then during Ryder’s nap time, Kevin went off with the missionaries to talk to people in the neighborhood for a few hours. He is such a great missionary ;) Better than me!!! Then we went swimming at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness (photos above). Ryder had a blast jumping into the pool. He is turning into a little daredevil…but really! We had a picnic dinner there and then I played with Ryder in the kiddie pool for awhile while Kevin relaxed poolside. Then afterwards, we decided to go into Sam’s Club – on an impulse – and Kevin got a chair for his office. We got a few favorite food things for our freezer.  Then we drove around looking at neighborhoods we may want to move into and that was fun. Then we rented a movie called Non-Stop and it was really good! The whole movie was on a plane and that is all I will say otherwise I may give something away. I actually highly recommend renting that movie! Then on Sunday we went to church… I did some laundry for our Denver little trip…packed… Kevin had a church meeting. Oh, we went on a walk & Ryder walked Katinka (photo above). And that is about it! Another fun productive weekend!

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