{ Kansas City Trip } Part 3


{ June 20 – 22nd, 2014 }

Post 1 (HERE) & 2 (HERE)!

Here is the last post to wrap up our Kansas City trip!  Let’s do this!

Friday, June 20th: In the morning, Kevin & I took Ry to the library where Tara Painter had me sign up for their library reading program ;) We redeemed his 3 prizes (3 books above) & he got to take his photo in the rocket haha. I think they might have shared his photo on their Facebook page…which is reminding me I should go look to see if they did ha. I’m so glad we did this program! Then afterwards we hit up Greg & Kathys’ neighborhood pool for a fun swimming session. Finally! The pool water was warm and the weather was fantastic for swimming!!! We had a blast! Ryder LOVED playing in the mini splash pad and had such a fun time flying in the air, when Kevin threw him…(photos above). We had a lunch here and unfortunately had to call it quits (well I did) for Ryder’s nap time. It was so relaxing and fun! I LOVE swimming when it is the perfect weather and everything. Just perfection. Then in the evening, Greg & Kathy took Kevin, Ryder, & I, Anna Sloan, and a bunch of grand kids (CJ, Marquise, Lily, Zach, & Roman) to a T-Bones baseball game (minor league team). It was Wachter night there (Greg works at Wachter) and they give employees tickets for their families along with “T-Bones bucks” to purchase food, etc. It was so fun! We got to see our friends Wes & Christen Guenther there and meet their little baby girl Grace. It was fun to catch up with them (photo above). Kevin played BYU Baseball with Wes! It was a perfect night out for some baseball!!!

Saturday, June 21st: In the morning, Kevin, Ry, & I, along with Greg & Kathy went to ride the Line Creek Train! Ryder has been obsessed with trains so I wanted to find one in the area and luckily I was able to! The ride was short and sweet and luckily it was because they let everyone out to go find a seat in the train and for some reason we didn’t get our own seats! I think we should have waited to get on the next train. Basically, every adult had a “little car” to themselves BUT Kevin, Ryder, & I had to share ONE and Greg & Kathy had to share ONE! We were SOOO squished haha. After getting out of the train, we were like all hurting where we were crammed in there! It was still fun. Ryder loved the “choo-choo” train (photos above)! Then, Kevin, Ry, & I went to the Painter’s house. Tara, Lily, & I went shopping while the boys did chores at home and watched all the kids :) We hit up the Plaza in downtown Kansas City for JCrew, Anthropologie, H&M, Gap…etc. We got some great deals!!! Then we went through a quick Taco Bell drive through and made it home in time for Kevin & David to catch a movie. While they were at a movie, we took all of the Painters 5 kids and Ryder to Macy’s to go shopping haha (photo of all 6 kids in the parking lot above). Oh and did I mention it was at 8 pm? LOL Past their bedtimes?! Worth it! Tara & I got matching shirts there… The shirt she was wearing that day looked like it was from Anthropologie but she got it at Macy’s. A girl at JCrew thought it was from Anthro too… so I got it too ha. Then we grabbed some McDonald’s cones since the kids were so good. It was A LONG busy and productive day. So worth it!

Sunday, June 22nd: We went to church and then in the afternoon, Kevin & I drove to Far West to do some church history exploring. I read up about Far West (what is there, what happened there, etc.) on the way there which was very interesting. At Far West, it is a dedicated temple site with 4 cornerstones and a monument type thing with information on it on the temple site. It isn’t much of a place to explore but it was cool to go there and check it out! Next time we need to go up to Nauvoo and hit up Adam-ondi-ahman on the way! Then after, we went to Kyle’s basketball game to see everyone before we would be leaving really early the next morning. We saw Anna, LT, Kyle, Sarah, & the Reese family. Then we packed and we went to bed!

We flew back June 23rd way too early!

What a fun trip!



  1. You should've gone to Adam-ondi-ahman while you were at Far West. I think it's only 30 minutes north of there!

    1. We were going to but Kevin had to get back home in time to watch the World Cup! Haha!!