{ Kansas City Trip } Part 2


{ Part 2: June 16th – 19th, 2014 }

FYI: Part 1 HERE

Now for a “quick” wrap up because I’m getting behind in blogging again! Story of my life…here goes!

Monday, June 16: Kathy, Ryder, & I went shopping at Oak Park Mall. We hit up H&M, Loft, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, & I don’t even know where else at this point. But it was good! In their mall, they have a carousel so Kathy & Ryder got on it and Ryder went on a horse. He loved it (photo above). Also: big thanks to Nordstrom kid’s shoes for their free balloons. It made Ryder’s day! Then on our way back to my in-laws’ house, we stopped at Chik-fil-a for lunch. After lunch, I let Ryder in the play thing & then he got stuck haha. He got far into it and wouldn’t get out of a car hanging above me! Luckily a girl (maybe like 12 years old) said she could try to help him out. He was crying and she was able to get him closer to me but I still had to climb up haha. It was actually really funny (photo above). After Ryder’s nap time, Kathy, Ryder, & I swam at their neighborhood pool. The water was actually a little cool. Then we went back for dinner & Kevin came back from the College World Series! Yippee!!

Tuesday, June 17th: Kevin, Ryder, & I met up with the Painters at their neighborhood pool. Some of the kiddos had swim lessons so we just swam around and in the kiddie pool. Then during Ryder’s nap time, Kevin & I used a Groupon Kathy got us (SO NICE of them!) & went to the nicest movie theatre we have ever been to. We went to Cinetopia in Overland Park at the Prairie Fire location. It was SO nice!!! We got popcorn with our food voucher (Groupon deal). The seats reclined and we kicked our feet up. If we wanted, we could have bought an actual meal because they had a tray for you for your food. I’d always wanted to go to one of those movies theatres before! Kevin and I saw The Fault in Our Stars. I had wanted to read the book before seeing the movie but I waited several months from the library but it was still on HOLD…so I was like, whatever and saw the movie anyways. The movie was SO good! I recommend you see it. I won’t give anything away. Then after dinner, we met up with the Painters at the Kansas City Temple. Of course, I made Kevin take a photo outside of the temple (it’s an obligatory photo ;) photo above). It was fun to go to the temple with them!

Wednesday, June 18th: In the morning, Kevin & Greg went golfing. Then while Ryder was napping, Kevin & I swam for a bit. In the evening, we went to a Sporting KC game which was AWESOME! Sporting KC is their MLS soccer team! We met up with Kyle & his girlfriend, Sarah and their friend Ivo. We had on-field seats which were so fun! You get to sit in awesome leather like comfy chairs. You get to tell the workers whatever food you want and they would bring it to you haha. Unlimited water, ice-cream, beer (if that is your style haha not us), etc… Oh, and right before the game, you get to eat an unlimited buffet indoor and see the team come out. I loved their spinach gnocchi and cake balls ;) And other things too, but that is all I remember. But it is so fun! We had a blast (photos above)! Then the game ended and it was about 10 pm and we headed over to Anna & LT’s apartment to check it out. Their new apartment is right next to where the Sporting KC play and we hadn’t seen it yet so we took advantage of the opportunity. Their place is brand new and a luxury apartment…it was gorgeous! One thing I’d never seen before was they had a built in tornado shelter! Maybe a tornado valley thing? Ha. It was fun seeing them and getting a tour.

Thursday, June 19th: We all headed out to Lenexa to eat at a yummy burger place called, BRGR. It was so tasty! We loved it. We ate there with Laura Reese, Sylvia, Grandma Sloan, and of course Greg & Kathy. Then in the evening, Kevin’s parents worked in the temple and we had Ryan Herndon over and his fiancée. [ We had a little wagon ride in the neighborhood before they got there – photo above. ] Kevin and Ryan were really good friends growing up so we like to get together with him and his fiancée whenever we are in KC. We had a fun evening hanging out!

Next Up: { Kansas City Trip } Part 3!

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