Doggy Kisses & Play Dates


{ Scenes from Last Week: July 14 – 18, 2014 }

Highlights include:

// Ryder kissing the Old Navy dog goodbye. Oh, he pet the dog too (photo above).

// Shopping: Old Navy, Target, Victoria’s Secret

// Annoyances: Insurance calls

// Church: Presidency Meeting

// Fun Monday night: Dinner at Ingredient in downtown Fort Collins with Kevin, my mom, and Zach followed by Mary’s Mountain Cookies. Downside- My mom and I both got these Asian wraps and they were crazy spicy so we were sweating bullets during dinner… a stressful eating session to be honest.

// Bachelorette Night with Josh & Emily & baby Skyler Peterson & Sarah Fleming, of course with ice cream and kettle corn

// Gym time: Yoga, Advanced Step, Abs (w/Abby), more yoga, cardio, & more.

// Lots of swimming in our cheap-o backyard blow up pool…with Ryder’s clothes on and off haha. Photo above of him swimming in the pool in his clothes! He just jumped in! No patience this boy! Oh, and he put his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fold out chair in there and relaxed (another photo above) – too funny.

// Pretty Little Liars

// Meeting Anna Yancey’s newest baby girl, Allegra. She is the sweetest (photo above). While I was meeting Miss Allegra, Ryder & Emery & Emery’s friend, Michael, all shared raisins together, kind of nicely ha (photo above). It was fun seeing Anna & meeting Allegra. Allegra had a rough start (& still on oxygen) but should be good soon :)

// Ryder started leaning over in his high chair and stealing the butter knife, getting some butter on it, and eating the butter. He actually has an obsession with butter and calls it “BUSHA.” He asks for “busha” on bread, waffles, everything haha. It’s an unhealthy obsession…hopefully he tones it down soon (photo above of him licking the knife :P a very dull knife, don’t worry and we don’t let him hold it ever really except for this photo ha).

// Ryder & I met Kevin at work to help him hang up some stuff in his office. I am trying to help him decorate it and create a little gallery wall in one corner. He has a BYU wall on one wall… an American flag up… random stuff…ha. Just trying to help him out. After that, I stopped by Emily Peterson’s to say hi for a bit before heading home to make dinner.

// Missionaries stopped by to share a message with us!

// Ryder & I dropped off Katinka at Banfield to get her comphrensive exam & shots. Ryder enjoyed looking at the “feesh” (photo above). Then when we picked her up a little later he was SO excited & wanted to hold her, hug her, & kiss her (photos above). SO CUTE!!!

// Oh, yeah, & Germany won the World Cup! Cheers to Germany! That’s why I took a picture of my German mug above…it has an actual name but I forget as of now. I really wish I remembered some of my German language skills. I took 4 years in high school ;) and visited Germany twice now?

// Ryder & I met up with Gwen Valles & her girl Valencia (& baby Gabrielle) at Fossil Creek Park for a play date. Ryder & Valencia had fun swinging on the swings and taking each others’ shoes off. Ryder really loved Valencia’s crocs ha. He wanted to wear them. Ryder also had fun running down the hill to watch random strangers play in tennis matches! Rarely do we play at the park when we go! Usually, it’s me chasing Ryder who won’t leave people alone to play their basketball games or tennis matches lol. We had fun!

Rest of the weekend coming up in the next post!


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