Boys Sports Day, Shopping in Boulder, Bachelorette Parties, + More


{ June 28 – July 2nd, 2014 }

So OUR weekend! Started really on Saturday, the 28th: Boys Sports Day/Shopping in Boulder! My mom and I had a bunch of returns/exchanges/shopping to do so we made a day out of it and went to Boulder! Kevin did a repelling Young Men’s activity in the morning so my dad watched Ryder until Kevin was done. Then the boys played tennis, soccer, & fished all day (photos above)! Ryder even caught his first fish ;) He was more interested in the “bobbers’ and kept asking about them all day and even the next couple of days. He loved those! The boys also did a lot of World Cup watching. And they actually were all really tired from playing hard that day haha. AND…my brother Hunter even broke his wrist playing soccer (got a cast the next week once they realized it was broken)! Craziness. Meanwhile, my mom and I met up with Patrick for a bit at Flat Irons – since he lives in Boulder – and we ate at the mall food court. We hit up H&M & Nordstrom and he then left to go back to his place. Then my mom and I stayed in Nordstrom for like hours haha (photo above in the big dressing room) & found some good stuff. We even got some matching things – a pair of cute pj pants & an ice-cream sweatshirt ha! We finished up at Flat Irons & then went to the 29th Street Mall in Boulder. We went shopping at Nordstrom Rack, Anthropologie, Lululemon, etc. We had a blast! We ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen really late and got home around midnight haha. It was a FUN, busy day! Wish we could go shopping more often, especially in Boulder or even Denver since they have much better shopping than in Fort Collins lol.

Sunday, the 29th: We went to church and then I had a Presidency Meeting… We then ate dinner at my parents house – a yummy BBQ!

Monday, the 30th: Ryder & I went to Miramont and I did some yoga (my friend Mindy’s class). Then we quickly headed over to swim at my friend Anna Yanceys’ pool. Kelli Rogers and Abby DeGraff joined as well. We had a picnic lunch there and the kids swam for a bit. We kind of ran out of time to swim ourselves because we were doing sunscreen, making sure the kids ate, then we ate, and then it was time for nap time! Ah, I so wanted to swim! In the evening, Kevin and I ate dinner and went on a walk with Ryder. We didn’t use a stroller so we just wandered wherever Ryder wandered ha (took some photos in the grass above). Then our friends Sarah Fleming, Josh & Emily Peterson & their baby girl Skyler, all came over to watch The Bachelorette. We had a blast as usual (photo of Emily & Skyler, me, & Sarah above)!

Tuesday, July 1st: We went to the gym & Abby & I worked out. I spent the majority of the day doing laundry and packing and then in the evening, I FINALLY redeemed my birthday present (months late!) from my brother Zach – a manicure and pedicure with my mom. I decided to go for it and get some American Flag toes ha. It turned out AWESOME! Then afterwards, I convinced Kevin to watch Pretty Little Liars with me and I procrastinated packing hehe.

Wednesday, July 2nd: After yoga in the morning and a quick Target run, I spent again, the majority of the day packing! SO FUN ;) JK. I HATE packing with a passion. Ryder loved to unpack, reorganize, and sit in my suitcase…he is so helpful ;) (photo of him trying on my shoes in my suitcase above). Kevin had Young Men’s in the evening & that was that!

Next Up: Wyoming trip!


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