Zach’s Fossil Ridge High School Graduation Week, Family in town, + More!


Wow, I’ve been a little behind in blogging, let’s make it 1 month behind now… because so much has been happening! Well, and this week, was super eventful and it’s kind of overwhelming to blog about everything. The bonus to being super far behind is that I forget things so the posts are shorter (thank goodness, right?) haha. ;) But yes, I forget things…so a negative? Also, we had A TON of family in town and my Opi took thousands of pictures. I’ve been meaning to get them for awhile and still don’t have them… At this point, I should just blog and if there are any notable ones, share them later.

Here goes!

Sorry…it actually ended up long…

The key points from this week included:

>>> Ryder getting over his sickness…finally! Dang you colds! You’re never welcome.

>>> Kevin going on a business trip to San Diego for the CLC Symposium from May 19th through the 22nd.

>>> Finishing The Giver (yes, apparently I didn’t read that book in like junior high haha). Watching The Bachelorette (having a harder time getting into this season.)  Started The Book Thief.

>>> Making a mess of bath crayons that may or may not come off fully in our bath tub…not sure I am glad I purchased them! (photo above)

>>> Getting a hearing test done trying to figure out my hearing loss issue (from the double ear infection). Basically, from the last appointment, they vacuumed the ear drops out of my ear which helped tremendously. BUT my left ear still wasn’t right. They did the testing and my hearing had improved BUT my ear drum wasn’t moving how it should. They said to give it a few weeks and if it didn’t get better to come in… (which I did ;)) But we are making progress!!! Dang you ear infection from months ago!!! Opi and my aunt DeNee watched Ryder for me since literally no one else could and they just got in town. So thankful for them.

>>> Girl’s Night: Had a quick 5 Guys dinner girl’s night w/Lauren Moore, Amanda Johnson, Jocelyne Heinzen, & my sister Kelsi, jointed in!

>>> Speaking of Kelsi…Kelsi, Ryder, & I hung out at the Fossil Creek Park. She got into town and hung out for little less than a week…and would go back to Provo to take a BYU Independent Study test before coming back once more before heading to Brazil for the summer….I can’t keep up with her haha. (Photo of Ryder at the park above…in a swing).

>>> Zach’s High School Graduation Party: His party was a combined one with a bunch of other LDS youth in the area. It was at the Crane’s house (our Stake President). We ate yummy Café Mexicali pork and made burritos. The party was in the backyard and would have been perfect if it hadn’t have rained. They have a legit playground/swings in their backyard, tennis court/basketball court, big fields of balls, etc. Ryder was about to go play on the playground with my dad but it started raining. Everyone…hundreds of people…went to the back porches (upstairs and downstairs) for awhile and then eventually everyone went in the basement. It was chaotic! Ryder was immediately drawn to the indoor sport court (photo above) and really wanted to join in. The thing was that there were a TON of kids throwing balls, running around, and everything but he would have definitely get trampled or knocked over if he went in. He actually did get knocked over standing in the doorway watching, poor guy! He threw a tantrum every time I took him away. Basically at that point, he ate a cookie, kept trying to get to the sport court, and we had to call it a night haha. It was still a fun party though! Just a little crazier with the rainy weather!

>>> After doing some Body Define Yoga at Miramont, Ryder & I met our friends’ Ashley Bean & her kiddos (Lizzie & Henry) at the nearby Water’s Way Park for a lunch park play date. It was a lot of fun. Then Lara Osmond & her boys came as well. Ryder & Henry kept chasing the same ball I brought. At one point, I had Ryder try to give Henry a hug because he seemed sad but then we realized he just wanted the ball haha. It was really funny and cute. Boy toddler problem! You have to bring a ball to a park haha…but really… But, photo above!

>>> Kelsi, DeNee, & I went to NaNet’s Nia class at Miramont. She teaches Nia. It is like a fusion of modern, Zumba, and martial arts style dancing.

>>> Meanwhile, Kevin dug out the pond in our backyard (photo above)… the pond is the area that looks darker since he dumped dirt into it. We decided that we didn’t want a pond in our backyard because it was always dirty and gross and we didn’t want Ryder falling in or anything. I decided we needed to level it and put some toys on it for Ryder…like a play house, slide, etc… Kevin obliged! I am so proud of Kevin and thankful for his hard work into re-landscaping this section of our backyard! We actually USE this area of the backyard now! More to come…

>>> Zach’s Graduation Luncheon & Fossil Ridge High School Graduation: A huge group of my family, Omi & Opi, the Puccetti’s/Cluff’s, some of their relatives and myself ate at Olive Garden to celebration the graduations! Kevin was with Ryder at home since he was sleeping and Kevin was relaxing and watching sports after working in the yard. After our lunch, we went to the actual graduation. It took place at CSU’s Moby Arena. It brought back lots of memories because that is where I graduated from high school…but with Rocky Mountain High School! I remember just graduating from high school…so crazy. We got there real early and got 1st row seats on the balcony. It was amazing. It was a good graduation. Then afterwards, we ate at Rustic Oven pretty late. I got a yummy apple turkey croissant sandwich. Delicious! Kevin had some guys over to watch some basketball games…

>>> Sunday came around. We went to church… Zach got the Melchezidek priesthood which was awesome. I went to a quick Relief Society Presidency meeting and then Kevin went home teaching… then I actually did end up going to Zach’s Seminary Graduation to show support. Gosh, I still can’t believe I passed early morning seminary haha. It started at 6 am and I arrived at 6:20 am every day. I about died! I am NOT a morning person. BUT I went for the majority of it lol. Just a flashback going on here.

>>> Oh, and Ryder & Hunter matched in seersucker suits and I tried a new hairstyle on Sunday…so you could say it was a good day…

So yeah, it was a big week over here for Zach and the Gormley family as a whole! I am proud of Zach for graduating not only High School but seminary. Now, Hunter is the only one left at my parent’s house once Zach goes off to college in the fall!!! So crazy.

That’s a wrap!


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