Swimming, Lee Martinez Farm, & a “Choo-choo” Train!


{ June 2nd – 8th, 2014 }

Besides Kelsi moving to Brazil AND me getting a speeding ticket (which the last time I got one was 10 years ago…)

…this week was a blast! What made it so great?

…And the speeding ticket story ;)

+ Ryder & I joined Gwen (Valencia & Gabrielle), Anna (Emery), & some of Anna’s other friend’s at her neighborhood pool for a pool play date. It was Ryder’s 1st time wearing his Puddle Jumper floatation device and he was a fan! It was a hot day and actually our first pool day of the summer, and it was definitely a success. It felt good to let the kids wade the kiddie pool & lounge around.

+ Shopped: Old Navy (Ryder pet & hugged the fake dog….totally thought it was real), Bed, Bath, & Beyond, World Market, Super Target, Sephora, tons of shops at Centerra, etc…

+ Not the highpoint but Kevin went to Milwaukee from June 3rd – 4th for a business trip.

+ Bekah (Carmen), Ryder, & I went to the City Park Pool in Fort Collins. It was a blast! We went for an evening swim session. They have slides, water features, etc. so it is a funner pool to go to. Ryder & Carmen had fun playing with a ball & they found a piece of trash (soft drink lid) that they played with together… Ryder is so weird with trash. He loves to yell “Trash!” when he sees literal trash and trash cans. He is so concerned with it. But yeah, we brought picnic dinners and swam and it was great! We definitely want to go back soon (photos above).

+ Went to Jury Duty & on the way got a speeding ticket!!! More on that HERE ;) This is good guys, trust me (photo above).

+ After Jury Duty, I went back to my parents and then my mom, Zach, Hunter, & Ryder & I ate lunch at Le Creperie, the French crepe restaurant. They moved locations and their new location is MUCH better! We had amazing crepes and it was just fantastic. Ryder was a little cray though but I guess that is who he is now that he has gotten older ha. So it was all good.  Then since Kevin was still out of town, we met up at Lark Burger for dinner!

+ We had the missionaries over for dinner and also the Zephyr Sales Rep for the NY area, Matt Billetz. He was in town and had a little time to kill so Kevin had him over. We all ate outside and had yummy cheeseburgers, chips, and amazing watermelon. Then after the missionaries left, we took Matt to Mary’s Mountain Cookies (photo above). His wife is pregnant with twins and we were saying how good they were and that he had to get some for his wife. They did not disappoint as usual!

+ Lee Martinez Farm: First I hit up the gym and then went to the farm. I planned a farm day at the Lee Martinez Farm with Gwen (Valencia, Gabrielle), Anna (Emery), Abby (twins Finn & Oliver), & one of Gwen’s friends, Shelby. Gwen, Shelby, and I all went to Rocky for high school. So funny getting together with old Rocky Mountain High School people! I thought Ryder would absolutely love the farm and feeding the animals but he just wanted to run around. He was kind of afraid of the goats, sheep, cows, and all animals hahaha. Not what I was expecting. But we had a great time! What Ryder did like was chasing a cat and looking at ducks. The kids loved playing with the water pump at the end and they all basically got soaked ha. It was great. We want to go back and do pony rides.

+ I gave Kevin his Father’s Day present early which basically was: a Polo Ralph Lauren short-sleeve shirt (at a killer price), World Market pasta, sauce, and an Italian dessert, a framed photo of Ryder & Kevin for his office, & a sweet oven mitt that will be great for camping or even grilling. Kevin would be at the College World Series over Father’s Day so I wanted to give it to him early and also because he wanted to go shopping and I didn’t want him to get something just like what I bought.

+ Saturday, we stopped by our friends, Gwen & Danny’s to see their garage sale. Drew & Anna Yancey were there as well. Ryder, Valencia, & Emery had fun playing outside together and playing on a big rug for sale (photos above). We tried to have them sell our Chicco Cortina stroller but it didn’t sell. Later we drove through their neighborhood and realized everyone was selling a travel system stroller ha! I need to re-list it on Craigslist for a little cheaper.

+ Centerra: Kevin, Ryder, & I went to Centerra to do a little summer clothes shopping. I need new shirts and shorts and sandals badly, heh. My summer wardrobe is much worse than my winter…some of that is probably because of Christmas and my Birthday being in the winter. Kevin needs some new stuff too. I found good deals at Loft, Gap, & Dick’s. Ryder was a big fan of the water fountain area (photo above). He LOVED when the water would come up from the fountain. He would get so surprised each time ha. It was so cute. I was afraid he would put his head over the fountain and have it come up and shoot his face. He did have his face over it but luckily when he did, the water didn’t get him.

+ ‘Choo-choo’ Train: I had been wanting to take Ryder on a train ride for awhile so I found one in Loveland at their City Park. We went with the DeGraff’s. They just moved here and I wanted to have Kevin & Ryann meet. We brought QDoba to the park and it was yummy. Ryder, Finn, & Oliver ALL loved the train! It reminded me of the Disney Jr. TV show, Chuggington ha. After the train ride and also after dinner, we let the kids play at the park. Ryder loved the swings as usual. It was fun. After in the car ride home, Ryder kept saying, “Choo-choo!” Ever since the train ride, Ryder has been wanting to watch the “Choo-choo” video on my phone. It is so cute!

+ Sunday: Church, Linger Longer, and had a relaxing day! Oh, and I started packing 3 days early for our KC trip. Always a smart move to start packing earlier for me…

Really, it was such a fun week. I hope I don’t run out of ideas of fun things to do for Ryder ha. I used up a bunch of good ideas in this week!


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