Remicade Infusion, Play Dates, + Family & Friends in town



{ May 27th – June 1st, 2014 )

Some of the highlights of the week include…

+ Eating an amazing dinner made by Omi. She is the best cook!

+ Kevin went to Florida for a quick business trip from May 27-28th.

+ A play date with Abby DeGraff & her cute twin boys, Finn & Oliver. Ryder and the twins had fun playing with balls, swinging, & going down the slides. This was the first really hot day I felt like this summer. Either that or I wasn’t expecting it to be a hot day…

+ Remicade Infusion! I had a TON of questions for my rheumatologist. I hadn’t seen him since February??? Well, I often see him every infusion, so every 2 months. I probably should have gone in to see him sooner. I was still having my chest/rib pain from my injury and was starting to think it was my arthritis (Ankylosing Spondylitis). He didn’t think it was and that was a BIG relief to hear. I injured it the end of January so I was thinking it would have had to gotten better by then… Apparently rib/chest injuries take a LONG time to heal… He prescribed me some Diclofenac. It obviously still needs to heal and that should help. All in all, there were a ton of other concerns of mine but he answered all of my questions and I felt really good about the appointment. He said my arthritis is very in control which I am very grateful for. Whenever I have aches and pains, it is hard not to assume they are my arthritis. I may have had a little flare up though with my fingers/toes… Not sure on that. Then I went straight to my infusion. Love getting my infusion!

+ Mimi’s Café >>> After I finished up my infusion, Kevin met me in the parking lot with Ryder. I took Ryder and myself to Mimi’s Café for a huge family luncheon. Since my Omi and Opi were in town, they planned a meet up with my mom’s cousin, Marley, who lives in Boulder and her boyfriend. They came down for the day. My aunt NaNet, cousins Garet and Paige, were also there. And of course, my mom, Kelsi, and the boys??? Ryder basically made a huge mess of Ranch but I was okay with it because he was eating a bunch of chicken. He is so weird with meat. A lot of times he won’t eat meat that well but when he does, he just loves it. So I was fine with the mess.

+ Zach’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor Evening: My family, Omi & Opi, Kevin, Ryder, & everyone, went to Wahoo’s for dinner before Zach’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Since….he got his Eagle Scout award, woohoo! We got yummy quesadillas and then headed over to the church to help set up. The Court of Honor was good. Kevin spoke about the Eagle Scout award actually. Ryder then got crazy so I hung out with him in the halls for a bit. Then we ended the night with eating yummy Eileen’s cookies and some cake. Then Kevin put Ryder to bed at home and I went over to my parents to try and get photos off Opi’s external hard drive.

+ Kelsi & I went to Centerra & did a little shopping at Gap. We also ran around to some doctor’s offices for me to get medical records. Disease probs I tell you!

+ Oh, Kevin & I had FHE &…drumroll please…we made a will! That has been on our ‘To-Do’ list since I was pregnant with Ryder. I feel SO glad that it is done.

+ Kevin made his final push to finish the re-lanscaped area for Ryder’s outside play toys. We went to Home Depot & a random landscaping company to get the things we needed in the morning. Then while Kevin worked hard, I took Ryder out to the Water’s Way Park to eat a little lunch picnic. If he saw Kevin working in the backyard, he would freak out to go in the back, so I decided to get him out. We had fun eating bagels with strawberry cream cheese & Ryder had a great time on the “sass” (swings haha…).

+ Emily in town: Emily Vail came into town so we met up at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop for dinner. She had some other friends there too. Then we just walked around outside for a bit. She had to get to Denver shortly after so we didn’t get to hangout that long. But it was good to see her! She needs to visit more often!!!

+ Kevin built Ryder’s play house (photos above)! He LOVES it and loves to ring the doorbell and open and close the door. We definitely need to have some toddler friends over to hangout in our backyard.

+ Sunday evening, we had an amazing BBQ dinner at my parents. We found out Ryder is OBSESSED with corn ON THE COB. He ate a whole corn on the cob haha. It was so cute (photo above).

We had a great week!


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