Overscheduling like its my Business


This is a short little post of the fun stuff I packed into our 3 day mini-week before our Kansas City, Missouri trip, a couple of weeks ago! This post encompasses June 9th through the 11th, 2014! Oh, and I felt like I was so busy and I kept adding things into the mix. Like, got to do all these fun things (with friends) before we leave town for almost 2 weeks kind of thing! It was…a good idea because we didn’t get sick [ sometimes I feel like when I over schedule myself, I sleep less, get run down, and end up getting sick… ;) ] and we got packed and made it to KC just fine.

Highlights included:

+ Danny & Gwen Valles invited us over for an amazing dinner at their house on that Monday. On the way there, we ran a few errands and had a little time to spare. We decided to find a park for Ryder to run around for 10 minutes or so, and found a park in the Willow Springs neighborhood.  Ryder & I had fun going down the big slides together. Then our dinner date… Gwen made amazing chicken with a curry based sauce and coconut milk rice. She also made a yummy bread with it and a delicious strawberry dessert found on Pinterest. Everything we ate there was incredible. I need to learn to cook like her! It was so nice of them to have us over. After eating, we let Ryder & Valencia play and just hung out and talked for awhile. It was very fun. Then we hung out in the front and Gwen pushed Ryder & Valencia around in their wagon. Ryder & Valencia LOVED going up and down the driveway. They were so cute together (many photos above). Then when we got home, Kevin & I watched The Bachelorette. I slowly got Kevin into it this season. He is usually anti-Bachelorette and very pro-Bachelor, haha.

+ I went to Advanced Step and ran into my friend Sage Pierce there. It was fun to have her in their with me. Then we walked and talked on the treadmill and hit up Abs with also, Abby DeGraff. Always a good class! The gym is always funner with friends.

+ Bekah Wilkey & Carmen joined Ryder & I for a play date at Water’s Way Park. The kids had a fun time swinging and sliding together (photos above).

+ I had a very early ENT appointment for my ears and my hearing again. I felt like my hearing, just was so close, but was a little off. I felt like if I blew my nose, my ear drum was sticky, especially when I opened my mouth wide. It felt like I needed to pop my ears in a way. She went in with a microscope and saw what the problem was. With my hearing test results, it showed that my ear drum couldn’t move well and was probably still the cause of the ringing in my ears (tinnitus) & a little hearing loss. After that I put hydrogen peroxide/water in my ear and that was supposed to get rid of any dried ear drops. Well, basically she was able to see this time that my ear drum had a covering on it and was able to remove it. She was very glad I went in to see her because what she did should help a lot. Honestly, I felt a little silly going in but I knew it wasn’t just right. As of now, it definitely has helped my ear drum but I may go in a few weeks if it isn’t perfect. My hearing is finally coming back and getting better!!!! :) I have the best ENT. She is so sweet. If you need one, let me know!

+ After the ENT appointment, I picked up Ryder from my parents since my mom was watching him & ran to Super Target to get some last minute trip things. I got  him a surprise toy for the plane…it was a little plane from the Disney movie, Planes. I got him El Chupacabra…ha. Then I quickly went over to the Council Tree Library since I had planned story time with some friends. I had to pick up some books for my trip since I love reading so much now. Since I was already going there, I figured, even though I didn’t have the time, I should plan a story time play date ha. RaQuelle Willey & her son Cason came. Gwen & her daughters, Valencia & Gabrielle came. Abby DeGraff & her twin boys came as well. Then I rushed over to The Egg & I to eat a quick brunch with my mom and brothers, Zach & Hunter.

+ Then I packed like a mad woman! I feel like we may have even met my family for dinner that night but at this point, I can’t remember ha.

It was a fun-packed few days, minus the packing ;)

Next Up: Kansas City posts!

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