Memorial Day 2014


{ Memorial Day: May 26th, 2014 }

Kevin & I were planning on going to Colorado Springs for Memorial Day. We were going to do some touristy things since we honestly hadn’t taken time to go down there since moving here, but decided to work on the yard some more. Kevin would rather take another day off and do yard work than take a few more Saturdays in a row off. He decided he could get a big chunk of it done. There is a little picture of after the pond was ripped out in this post HERE. I wish I posted a good ‘BEFORE’ picture with the area clean, weed-free, and the pond going in full action, water sprinkling and all. It really was quite the sight when we bought it ;) My dad was so sweet and helped Kevin with some of the yard work…like ripping out bushes, etc. Kevin even rented a tiller and tamper to help level out the area. The perfectly leveled area - after many hard hours - is in the first photo with Ryder and Katinka running in front of it. Meanwhile, during nap time, I ran to Babies ‘r’ Us because they were having a sale on play houses…I had been looking for a play house for our backyard for about…a couple of months now. I had looked on Craigslist often, called Once Upon a Child, asked around, etc.… No luck. Those things go quick when they are on Craigslist or for a deal. Babies ‘r’ Us had there playhouses for like 25% off on Memorial Day. Usually, when they have coupons they are for only 15-20% off. So, after doing more research online, I decided I couldn’t get cheaper than 25% off the play house I wanted or anything similar. I thought I might be able to get a play house at a garage sale but who knows how many Saturdays we would have to try before getting one…if we even got lucky…to find one in good shape for a decent price. We decided to just go ahead and buy the one for Ryder from Babies ‘r’ Us!!! Woohoo! Oh, by the way, the play house would go on the area in the background that Kevin leveled, after putting in mulch in case you had no clue why he was doing all that ^. Then after Ryder’s nap time ended, we went to my parent’s house for a BBQ. Omi and Opi were still in town. Paige, my cousin, happened to be over. Then my family (minus Patrick & Kelsi) was there. My dad made the most amazing steaks I had ever tasted. He made really nice steaks that his parents got him for some gift, I forget, Christmas steaks? Birthday? Anyways, they were incredible!!!! We ate dinner, hung out on the dock, Ryder got a life jacket on & my dad caught him (photo above ;)), Ryder, Paige, & Hunter played soccer in the back, & did a little fishing. Overall, it was a great day! Very productive and rewarding! Love a day off of work for Kevin so he can hangout with us :)

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