{ Kansas City Trip } Part 1


{ Part 1: June 12th – 15th , 2014 }

Thursday, June 12th: We flew to Kansas City (KC). We also flew with Mike Puccetti (my Uncle) since Kevin & Mike work together. They flew in an evening early since Kansas City is close to Omaha (few hours away) & they were working the College World Series the following day. He hung out with us for that evening. The flight was a lot harder than it used to be when Ryder was a little baby and just slept. It wasn’t impossible but you had to have a lot of tricks up your sleeve ;) Kevin downloaded some fun stuff for Ryder to watch on his Kindle the night prior (Planes, Thomas the Train, some Kung Fu Panda show, etc.)… I ran to Target also to surprise Ryder, when we were desperate on the plane, with the plane El Chupacabra from Planes, Disney movie. We busted it out & Ryder loved it. He also watched some Planes on the flight. We survived!

Then Kathy picked us up & we grabbed Smokehouse BBQ on the way home for lunch. Ryder took a nap & I unpacked. Kevin & Mike watched the World Cup. Then everyone met up at my nephews Roman & Marquis’ t-ball game. They play on the same team together. How fun! The Painters, Reeses, Anna, Kyle, girlfriend Sarah, everyone was all there. Ryder immediately ran around in the fields with his cousins. Poppy & him ran into a field and ate popcorn together. They were so cute. Then Zach and CJ had fun playing with him. They wanted to get a photo and so CJ said, “Let’s lie down” and they let Ryder choose the spot NOT in tall grass (ha), & I posted their favorite photo together (photo above). Then everyone went to Greg & Kathys’ home to celebrate Father’s Day early for Greg. He would be meeting up with Kevin at the College World Series on that Sunday and not be home or Father’s Day. We had amazing food and the best cake pops I’ve ever had (Naughty Bites!!!) which I actually took a photo of (above)…and all hung out. It was a good evening!

Friday, June 13th: Kevin & Mike left real early for the College World Series. Kathy, Ryder, & I met up with the Painters at their favorite Woodneath Library in Liberty. Tara told me about their ‘Summer Reading Program’ and we figured out I could actually participate in it. If I read Ryder 72 books, I could pick out 3 awesome kid board books for him. Basically, read 24 books, get 1 free. The free ones are all new and super cute. Books are surprisingly not the cheapest especially when they get ruined very easily by the kiddos! I am all for free books so I checked a bunch out and read ALL the time for the rest of the trip! Then we grabbed McDonalds and headed over to the Painters neighborhood park and sandbox to eat our lunches. It was a fun time.

After Ryder’s nap, Greg, Kathy, Ryder, & I got some salads at their favorite grocery store and hit up the Parkville River Jam. The Parkville River Jam is a Jazz festival down at this huge park on a big river. It was a lot of fun! We brought folding chairs and sat and ate our dinner listening to fun Jazz music. Kathy brought some cake pops :) Greg, Ryder, & I played at the park (photo of Ryder going down a slide above.) Then we walked along the river and headed back (photos above). It was gorgeous! There also was a train track right next to the river and a train passed which Ryder LOVED. He is really getting into trains these days.

Saturday, June 14th: Kathy, Ryder, & I hit up Loft and I got some awesome khaki Bermuda shorts [Kathy works there and has a discount ;)] Oh, & Greg left then to meet Kevin at the College World Series. After Ryder’s nap, Kathy, Ryder, & I took Ryder to a park in Riverside. He had a blast and watched kids playing with baseballs like a hawk. A bunch of kids were playing with them and Ryder would run over the second one was left unattended. He would then pick it up and bring it back to the kid. It was so sweet. Kathy loved the soft baseballs they were playing with and decided she wanted to get them for Ryder & Simeon. We ate dinner at Culver’s and then went to Sports Authority to get the ball/glove set. It is the cutest set for a toddler! Can’t wait until we can get Ryder in t-ball!

Sunday, June 15th: Kathy, Ryder, & I went to Stake Conference. The Painter’s sat with us. The kids got crazy, haha. Ryder & I hung out in the halls after an hour or so and then found the nursery room. Lily & Ryder were matching color-wise so we took a cute photo (above). We managed to make it through church ha. After church was over, I ran into Carissa Bunker and talked to her for a bit. Too bad we couldn’t hang out in KC! She’s a sweetie and has the cutest girl a little younger than Ryder. After naptime, we headed over to the Painter’s for dinner. They made the BEST steak I’ve had in awhile. I definitely need to try the way they did their steak!!! SO SO GOOD. Ryder had fun playing with his cousins. I definitely borrowed about 50 books of theirs to read to Ryder, ha. It was a fun night!!!

Our first weekend in KC was a blast! More coming soon!

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