{ Kansas City Trip } Part 1


{ Part 1: June 12th – 15th , 2014 }

Thursday, June 12th: We flew to Kansas City (KC). We also flew with Mike Puccetti (my Uncle) since Kevin & Mike work together. They flew in an evening early since Kansas City is close to Omaha (few hours away) & they were working the College World Series the following day. He hung out with us for that evening. The flight was a lot harder than it used to be when Ryder was a little baby and just slept. It wasn’t impossible but you had to have a lot of tricks up your sleeve ;) Kevin downloaded some fun stuff for Ryder to watch on his Kindle the night prior (Planes, Thomas the Train, some Kung Fu Panda show, etc.)… I ran to Target also to surprise Ryder, when we were desperate on the plane, with the plane El Chupacabra from Planes, Disney movie. We busted it out & Ryder loved it. He also watched some Planes on the flight. We survived!

Then Kathy picked us up & we grabbed Smokehouse BBQ on the way home for lunch. Ryder took a nap & I unpacked. Kevin & Mike watched the World Cup. Then everyone met up at my nephews Roman & Marquis’ t-ball game. They play on the same team together. How fun! The Painters, Reeses, Anna, Kyle, girlfriend Sarah, everyone was all there. Ryder immediately ran around in the fields with his cousins. Poppy & him ran into a field and ate popcorn together. They were so cute. Then Zach and CJ had fun playing with him. They wanted to get a photo and so CJ said, “Let’s lie down” and they let Ryder choose the spot NOT in tall grass (ha), & I posted their favorite photo together (photo above). Then everyone went to Greg & Kathys’ home to celebrate Father’s Day early for Greg. He would be meeting up with Kevin at the College World Series on that Sunday and not be home or Father’s Day. We had amazing food and the best cake pops I’ve ever had (Naughty Bites!!!) which I actually took a photo of (above)…and all hung out. It was a good evening!

Friday, June 13th: Kevin & Mike left real early for the College World Series. Kathy, Ryder, & I met up with the Painters at their favorite Woodneath Library in Liberty. Tara told me about their ‘Summer Reading Program’ and we figured out I could actually participate in it. If I read Ryder 72 books, I could pick out 3 awesome kid board books for him. Basically, read 24 books, get 1 free. The free ones are all new and super cute. Books are surprisingly not the cheapest especially when they get ruined very easily by the kiddos! I am all for free books so I checked a bunch out and read ALL the time for the rest of the trip! Then we grabbed McDonalds and headed over to the Painters neighborhood park and sandbox to eat our lunches. It was a fun time.

After Ryder’s nap, Greg, Kathy, Ryder, & I got some salads at their favorite grocery store and hit up the Parkville River Jam. The Parkville River Jam is a Jazz festival down at this huge park on a big river. It was a lot of fun! We brought folding chairs and sat and ate our dinner listening to fun Jazz music. Kathy brought some cake pops :) Greg, Ryder, & I played at the park (photo of Ryder going down a slide above.) Then we walked along the river and headed back (photos above). It was gorgeous! There also was a train track right next to the river and a train passed which Ryder LOVED. He is really getting into trains these days.

Saturday, June 14th: Kathy, Ryder, & I hit up Loft and I got some awesome khaki Bermuda shorts [Kathy works there and has a discount ;)] Oh, & Greg left then to meet Kevin at the College World Series. After Ryder’s nap, Kathy, Ryder, & I took Ryder to a park in Riverside. He had a blast and watched kids playing with baseballs like a hawk. A bunch of kids were playing with them and Ryder would run over the second one was left unattended. He would then pick it up and bring it back to the kid. It was so sweet. Kathy loved the soft baseballs they were playing with and decided she wanted to get them for Ryder & Simeon. We ate dinner at Culver’s and then went to Sports Authority to get the ball/glove set. It is the cutest set for a toddler! Can’t wait until we can get Ryder in t-ball!

Sunday, June 15th: Kathy, Ryder, & I went to Stake Conference. The Painter’s sat with us. The kids got crazy, haha. Ryder & I hung out in the halls after an hour or so and then found the nursery room. Lily & Ryder were matching color-wise so we took a cute photo (above). We managed to make it through church ha. After church was over, I ran into Carissa Bunker and talked to her for a bit. Too bad we couldn’t hang out in KC! She’s a sweetie and has the cutest girl a little younger than Ryder. After naptime, we headed over to the Painter’s for dinner. They made the BEST steak I’ve had in awhile. I definitely need to try the way they did their steak!!! SO SO GOOD. Ryder had fun playing with his cousins. I definitely borrowed about 50 books of theirs to read to Ryder, ha. It was a fun night!!!

Our first weekend in KC was a blast! More coming soon!


Overscheduling like its my Business


This is a short little post of the fun stuff I packed into our 3 day mini-week before our Kansas City, Missouri trip, a couple of weeks ago! This post encompasses June 9th through the 11th, 2014! Oh, and I felt like I was so busy and I kept adding things into the mix. Like, got to do all these fun things (with friends) before we leave town for almost 2 weeks kind of thing! It was…a good idea because we didn’t get sick [ sometimes I feel like when I over schedule myself, I sleep less, get run down, and end up getting sick… ;) ] and we got packed and made it to KC just fine.

Highlights included:

+ Danny & Gwen Valles invited us over for an amazing dinner at their house on that Monday. On the way there, we ran a few errands and had a little time to spare. We decided to find a park for Ryder to run around for 10 minutes or so, and found a park in the Willow Springs neighborhood.  Ryder & I had fun going down the big slides together. Then our dinner date… Gwen made amazing chicken with a curry based sauce and coconut milk rice. She also made a yummy bread with it and a delicious strawberry dessert found on Pinterest. Everything we ate there was incredible. I need to learn to cook like her! It was so nice of them to have us over. After eating, we let Ryder & Valencia play and just hung out and talked for awhile. It was very fun. Then we hung out in the front and Gwen pushed Ryder & Valencia around in their wagon. Ryder & Valencia LOVED going up and down the driveway. They were so cute together (many photos above). Then when we got home, Kevin & I watched The Bachelorette. I slowly got Kevin into it this season. He is usually anti-Bachelorette and very pro-Bachelor, haha.

+ I went to Advanced Step and ran into my friend Sage Pierce there. It was fun to have her in their with me. Then we walked and talked on the treadmill and hit up Abs with also, Abby DeGraff. Always a good class! The gym is always funner with friends.

+ Bekah Wilkey & Carmen joined Ryder & I for a play date at Water’s Way Park. The kids had a fun time swinging and sliding together (photos above).

+ I had a very early ENT appointment for my ears and my hearing again. I felt like my hearing, just was so close, but was a little off. I felt like if I blew my nose, my ear drum was sticky, especially when I opened my mouth wide. It felt like I needed to pop my ears in a way. She went in with a microscope and saw what the problem was. With my hearing test results, it showed that my ear drum couldn’t move well and was probably still the cause of the ringing in my ears (tinnitus) & a little hearing loss. After that I put hydrogen peroxide/water in my ear and that was supposed to get rid of any dried ear drops. Well, basically she was able to see this time that my ear drum had a covering on it and was able to remove it. She was very glad I went in to see her because what she did should help a lot. Honestly, I felt a little silly going in but I knew it wasn’t just right. As of now, it definitely has helped my ear drum but I may go in a few weeks if it isn’t perfect. My hearing is finally coming back and getting better!!!! :) I have the best ENT. She is so sweet. If you need one, let me know!

+ After the ENT appointment, I picked up Ryder from my parents since my mom was watching him & ran to Super Target to get some last minute trip things. I got  him a surprise toy for the plane…it was a little plane from the Disney movie, Planes. I got him El Chupacabra…ha. Then I quickly went over to the Council Tree Library since I had planned story time with some friends. I had to pick up some books for my trip since I love reading so much now. Since I was already going there, I figured, even though I didn’t have the time, I should plan a story time play date ha. RaQuelle Willey & her son Cason came. Gwen & her daughters, Valencia & Gabrielle came. Abby DeGraff & her twin boys came as well. Then I rushed over to The Egg & I to eat a quick brunch with my mom and brothers, Zach & Hunter.

+ Then I packed like a mad woman! I feel like we may have even met my family for dinner that night but at this point, I can’t remember ha.

It was a fun-packed few days, minus the packing ;)

Next Up: Kansas City posts!


Swimming, Lee Martinez Farm, & a “Choo-choo” Train!


{ June 2nd – 8th, 2014 }

Besides Kelsi moving to Brazil AND me getting a speeding ticket (which the last time I got one was 10 years ago…)

…this week was a blast! What made it so great?

…And the speeding ticket story ;)

+ Ryder & I joined Gwen (Valencia & Gabrielle), Anna (Emery), & some of Anna’s other friend’s at her neighborhood pool for a pool play date. It was Ryder’s 1st time wearing his Puddle Jumper floatation device and he was a fan! It was a hot day and actually our first pool day of the summer, and it was definitely a success. It felt good to let the kids wade the kiddie pool & lounge around.

+ Shopped: Old Navy (Ryder pet & hugged the fake dog….totally thought it was real), Bed, Bath, & Beyond, World Market, Super Target, Sephora, tons of shops at Centerra, etc…

+ Not the highpoint but Kevin went to Milwaukee from June 3rd – 4th for a business trip.

+ Bekah (Carmen), Ryder, & I went to the City Park Pool in Fort Collins. It was a blast! We went for an evening swim session. They have slides, water features, etc. so it is a funner pool to go to. Ryder & Carmen had fun playing with a ball & they found a piece of trash (soft drink lid) that they played with together… Ryder is so weird with trash. He loves to yell “Trash!” when he sees literal trash and trash cans. He is so concerned with it. But yeah, we brought picnic dinners and swam and it was great! We definitely want to go back soon (photos above).

+ Went to Jury Duty & on the way got a speeding ticket!!! More on that HERE ;) This is good guys, trust me (photo above).

+ After Jury Duty, I went back to my parents and then my mom, Zach, Hunter, & Ryder & I ate lunch at Le Creperie, the French crepe restaurant. They moved locations and their new location is MUCH better! We had amazing crepes and it was just fantastic. Ryder was a little cray though but I guess that is who he is now that he has gotten older ha. So it was all good.  Then since Kevin was still out of town, we met up at Lark Burger for dinner!

+ We had the missionaries over for dinner and also the Zephyr Sales Rep for the NY area, Matt Billetz. He was in town and had a little time to kill so Kevin had him over. We all ate outside and had yummy cheeseburgers, chips, and amazing watermelon. Then after the missionaries left, we took Matt to Mary’s Mountain Cookies (photo above). His wife is pregnant with twins and we were saying how good they were and that he had to get some for his wife. They did not disappoint as usual!

+ Lee Martinez Farm: First I hit up the gym and then went to the farm. I planned a farm day at the Lee Martinez Farm with Gwen (Valencia, Gabrielle), Anna (Emery), Abby (twins Finn & Oliver), & one of Gwen’s friends, Shelby. Gwen, Shelby, and I all went to Rocky for high school. So funny getting together with old Rocky Mountain High School people! I thought Ryder would absolutely love the farm and feeding the animals but he just wanted to run around. He was kind of afraid of the goats, sheep, cows, and all animals hahaha. Not what I was expecting. But we had a great time! What Ryder did like was chasing a cat and looking at ducks. The kids loved playing with the water pump at the end and they all basically got soaked ha. It was great. We want to go back and do pony rides.

+ I gave Kevin his Father’s Day present early which basically was: a Polo Ralph Lauren short-sleeve shirt (at a killer price), World Market pasta, sauce, and an Italian dessert, a framed photo of Ryder & Kevin for his office, & a sweet oven mitt that will be great for camping or even grilling. Kevin would be at the College World Series over Father’s Day so I wanted to give it to him early and also because he wanted to go shopping and I didn’t want him to get something just like what I bought.

+ Saturday, we stopped by our friends, Gwen & Danny’s to see their garage sale. Drew & Anna Yancey were there as well. Ryder, Valencia, & Emery had fun playing outside together and playing on a big rug for sale (photos above). We tried to have them sell our Chicco Cortina stroller but it didn’t sell. Later we drove through their neighborhood and realized everyone was selling a travel system stroller ha! I need to re-list it on Craigslist for a little cheaper.

+ Centerra: Kevin, Ryder, & I went to Centerra to do a little summer clothes shopping. I need new shirts and shorts and sandals badly, heh. My summer wardrobe is much worse than my winter…some of that is probably because of Christmas and my Birthday being in the winter. Kevin needs some new stuff too. I found good deals at Loft, Gap, & Dick’s. Ryder was a big fan of the water fountain area (photo above). He LOVED when the water would come up from the fountain. He would get so surprised each time ha. It was so cute. I was afraid he would put his head over the fountain and have it come up and shoot his face. He did have his face over it but luckily when he did, the water didn’t get him.

+ ‘Choo-choo’ Train: I had been wanting to take Ryder on a train ride for awhile so I found one in Loveland at their City Park. We went with the DeGraff’s. They just moved here and I wanted to have Kevin & Ryann meet. We brought QDoba to the park and it was yummy. Ryder, Finn, & Oliver ALL loved the train! It reminded me of the Disney Jr. TV show, Chuggington ha. After the train ride and also after dinner, we let the kids play at the park. Ryder loved the swings as usual. It was fun. After in the car ride home, Ryder kept saying, “Choo-choo!” Ever since the train ride, Ryder has been wanting to watch the “Choo-choo” video on my phone. It is so cute!

+ Sunday: Church, Linger Longer, and had a relaxing day! Oh, and I started packing 3 days early for our KC trip. Always a smart move to start packing earlier for me…

Really, it was such a fun week. I hope I don’t run out of ideas of fun things to do for Ryder ha. I used up a bunch of good ideas in this week!


Almost a Juror + a Speeding Ticket!


My Jury Duty Experience!

June 4th, 2014

I got a notice saying I had Jury Duty coming up… I thought when I called the number the day before that they wouldn’t need my number. But in case my mom was available to watch Ryder if I was needed. I called and found out I was needed. I dropped Ryder off at my mom’s house at 7:30 am. I had to be at Jury Duty at 8:15 am. It takes about 20 minutes to get there. BUT you have to get there early if you want any free parking since they don’t have a place for you to park. They have a parking garage but they charge for that. They also have free 2 hour parking but they said they would need us longer than 2 hours, even if we weren’t chosen in the jury selection process, so you couldn’t park there. The Justice Center is in downtown Fort Collins, thus the parking issues. Also, they said that you have to go through security to get to the office and that it could take 15 minutes to go through…so basically get there early! Oh, and if you are late, they will have to call you back another day…

So, I start driving and am making pretty good time. Then I’m getting closer to downtown where the Justice Center is. I am thinking the speed limit is 40 mph since that is what it had been for the past 10 minutes. Then I start seeing some construction signs in the distance so I start slowing down. Then sirens go off… WELP…apparently, the speed limit was 35 mph and I thought it was 40 mph. I was going 46 mph…so I got pulled over! SO annoying. I explain the situation how I was going to Jury Duty and have to be there early. I’ve never gone before so I don’t know where the building is, where parking is, etc. and he is very understandable but still writes me a ticket. He said he would lower my speed so my ticket is only $50 instead of $150 or something. So I’m like thinking ‘Thank goodness’ and then he says there is a fee of $35 so it comes to be $85. HOW LAME IS THAT. ALL really because a citizen in my community committed a horrible crime and I had to be there!!! ;) The motorcyclist cop said he “was required to write me a ticket because so and so says I have to” or something like that which, who knows, maybe they always say that after acting really nice and understanding to you… But he was like, “Jury Duty…what an honor!” So anyways, he asks me when I have to report and I tell him in like 15 minutes and he is like “Ok I’ll hurry” (in writing the ticket.) So yeah, that was a major annoyance. The only times I have gotten a speeding ticket are when I didn’t know the speed limit. No wreckless driving, just a little over… I just don’t go downtown all the time so I don’t know at what specific roads the speed limit lowers or raises, etc. I don’t even know all of the names of the street roads, especially not downtown! I hangout mostly in southern Fort Collins and Loveland. I hadn’t gotten a speeding ticket since I was like 16…and now I’m 26…hope I wait at least another 10 years before getting another!

OH, and I cannot leave this out. There was no place to pull over for a ticket so I had to pull over in the Book Ranch which is basically a sketchy porn shop!!! How embarrassing right?! When I was leaving, I hoped no one thought I was there getting some weird mags or videos…just leaving the cop HAHA. But really, sketchiest place ever. Looks disgusting.

So, I luckily, park quickly in the parking garage as there is no time to look for free parking at this point. I walk in, make a friend actually, with a girl who seems pretty cool ha. We talked about The Office and how Toby was chosen as a Juror for the Scranton Strangler…etc. So, we are waiting in a big room of about 60 people… Some justice people come in and take about 30 people for 1 trial leaving me and everyone else in the room. The girl and I had just exchanged our names and then she was sent off haha. I forgot her name, so, so much for that. But she was cool, lol. Too bad we couldn’t have been Jurors together! So, they called us all back and we entered a court room. Then the Judge asks like a hundred questions seeing if anyone would become ineligible to be a Juror… He explains the very basics of the case. Basically, a girl got a DUI and caused a wreck, or two…and she happened to be a CSU Vet student but actually just graduated so she is now technically a Veterinarian… What’s funny is when I came in, I saw her in the front and she kept looking back at everyone and seemed super nervous. I had no clue who she was but the first thought I had was… “Is she the one being tried? She definitely looks very nervous…guilty?!” Haha. But really, she was totally nervous and everyone could tell. She ended up being the girl who got the DUI. It was a criminal trial so I think the state was charging her. The prosecutor [forgive me if I use the wrong words in here…I forgot ALL about my ‘Business Law’ course at BYU ;)] was the cop who pulled her over. Then they called up about half of the people to sit on the Jury stand to be asked more in depth questions. So there were 30 people in the trial and they called 12 up. They would only keep 6. My name wasn’t called. I was like ‘Bummer!!!’ I think it would be fun to be a Juror. Am I weird for wanting to be one? I don’t think so haha. But most people try to get out of Jury Duty. So then the Judge announces he has worked with a lady on the stand and she has to be dismissed. Then they called my name! I was like, “YES!!!!” I just knew I would be up there. Then they made each person answer like 15 questions out loud to everyone in the room. I was the first person to answer them. I had to tell (yell really) everyone my name, age, single/married, kids, their jobs/ages, parents jobs, how long I’ve lived here, etc. Then the prosecutor’s lawyer asked us all individual questions. They memorized all our names on the spot. I was very impressed. He asked me ‘Ms. Sloan, what are some common signs of drinking?” He also asked me, “Do you think you could determine someone guilty, with evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt?” I said, “Yes, actually I think you probably could.” Then the defendant lawyer came and asked questions too. I think they were trying to make the Vet seem like a tired Vet student doing crazy rotations in the hospital, etc. Then they each chose 3 people to dismiss to make it 6 total Jurors from 12. I was dismissed. I think it had something to do with the fact that I think you could determine someone is guilty without literally being there at the crime scene…beyond a reasonable doubt ;) I was BUMMED!

2 days later…

I had a play date with some friends and met the wife of the cop (the one who pulled over the girl). She said the girl had had a DUI before and also that her cop husband had pulled her over before this time. And she was on a bunch of medicine too… And she was guilty for the case I was almost a Juror at… The Jury wasn’t told that she has had previous run-ins with the cops and also a prior DUI…maybe would have persuaded some people! I sure wouldn’t want her as my Vet for Katinka! Ha! She said the Jury couldn’t come to a decision that day and was there for 11 hours!!! She said that she thinks she will get another trial because they didn’t come to a decision. So random that I met her a couple of days later and she knew ALL about the case. I tried to look online to determine the verdict but can’t seem to find anything. I really want to know what happened!!!

I was SO close to being a Juror! Haha. Next time ;) I think I need to be less opinionated so the defendant and prosecutor won’t worry about me as a threat…next time!!!


Remicade Infusion, Play Dates, + Family & Friends in town



{ May 27th – June 1st, 2014 )

Some of the highlights of the week include…

+ Eating an amazing dinner made by Omi. She is the best cook!

+ Kevin went to Florida for a quick business trip from May 27-28th.

+ A play date with Abby DeGraff & her cute twin boys, Finn & Oliver. Ryder and the twins had fun playing with balls, swinging, & going down the slides. This was the first really hot day I felt like this summer. Either that or I wasn’t expecting it to be a hot day…

+ Remicade Infusion! I had a TON of questions for my rheumatologist. I hadn’t seen him since February??? Well, I often see him every infusion, so every 2 months. I probably should have gone in to see him sooner. I was still having my chest/rib pain from my injury and was starting to think it was my arthritis (Ankylosing Spondylitis). He didn’t think it was and that was a BIG relief to hear. I injured it the end of January so I was thinking it would have had to gotten better by then… Apparently rib/chest injuries take a LONG time to heal… He prescribed me some Diclofenac. It obviously still needs to heal and that should help. All in all, there were a ton of other concerns of mine but he answered all of my questions and I felt really good about the appointment. He said my arthritis is very in control which I am very grateful for. Whenever I have aches and pains, it is hard not to assume they are my arthritis. I may have had a little flare up though with my fingers/toes… Not sure on that. Then I went straight to my infusion. Love getting my infusion!

+ Mimi’s Café >>> After I finished up my infusion, Kevin met me in the parking lot with Ryder. I took Ryder and myself to Mimi’s Café for a huge family luncheon. Since my Omi and Opi were in town, they planned a meet up with my mom’s cousin, Marley, who lives in Boulder and her boyfriend. They came down for the day. My aunt NaNet, cousins Garet and Paige, were also there. And of course, my mom, Kelsi, and the boys??? Ryder basically made a huge mess of Ranch but I was okay with it because he was eating a bunch of chicken. He is so weird with meat. A lot of times he won’t eat meat that well but when he does, he just loves it. So I was fine with the mess.

+ Zach’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor Evening: My family, Omi & Opi, Kevin, Ryder, & everyone, went to Wahoo’s for dinner before Zach’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Since….he got his Eagle Scout award, woohoo! We got yummy quesadillas and then headed over to the church to help set up. The Court of Honor was good. Kevin spoke about the Eagle Scout award actually. Ryder then got crazy so I hung out with him in the halls for a bit. Then we ended the night with eating yummy Eileen’s cookies and some cake. Then Kevin put Ryder to bed at home and I went over to my parents to try and get photos off Opi’s external hard drive.

+ Kelsi & I went to Centerra & did a little shopping at Gap. We also ran around to some doctor’s offices for me to get medical records. Disease probs I tell you!

+ Oh, Kevin & I had FHE &…drumroll please…we made a will! That has been on our ‘To-Do’ list since I was pregnant with Ryder. I feel SO glad that it is done.

+ Kevin made his final push to finish the re-lanscaped area for Ryder’s outside play toys. We went to Home Depot & a random landscaping company to get the things we needed in the morning. Then while Kevin worked hard, I took Ryder out to the Water’s Way Park to eat a little lunch picnic. If he saw Kevin working in the backyard, he would freak out to go in the back, so I decided to get him out. We had fun eating bagels with strawberry cream cheese & Ryder had a great time on the “sass” (swings haha…).

+ Emily in town: Emily Vail came into town so we met up at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop for dinner. She had some other friends there too. Then we just walked around outside for a bit. She had to get to Denver shortly after so we didn’t get to hangout that long. But it was good to see her! She needs to visit more often!!!

+ Kevin built Ryder’s play house (photos above)! He LOVES it and loves to ring the doorbell and open and close the door. We definitely need to have some toddler friends over to hangout in our backyard.

+ Sunday evening, we had an amazing BBQ dinner at my parents. We found out Ryder is OBSESSED with corn ON THE COB. He ate a whole corn on the cob haha. It was so cute (photo above).

We had a great week!