World Ankylosing Spondylitis Day, Ryder’s 1st Time Bowling + Much More!


{ May 1 – 4, 2014 }

I was a little on the upswing of the whole ear infection thing (more on that HERE) so I made some plans and had a good rest of the week/end. I went to Step at Miramont and then met Gwen & Valencia (& baby Gabrielle) at Cool Beans. We let Ryder & Valencia play. Cool Beans got really busy but it was still fun. Ryder & Valencia had fun giving each other high fives and knuckles (photos above). I finished the 3rd Hush Hush book <3 Kevin watched Ryder while I hit up Super Target to grab a few things and then we watched New Girl to call it a night.

I went to Body Define Yoga at Miramont because I’ve been trying to gradually ease into upper body/chest work but it was a mistake ;( At first, I thought I strained my chest muscle/bruised my ribs but now I am thinking it is my arthritis flaring up which just really sucks because it means it isn’t an injury I can recover from. I haven’t been able to do much lifting at all since this flare up that I guess I triggered by lifting. More on that whole rib/chest injury HERE. I’ve really been needing to see my rheumatologist to follow up with this but I keep thinking, “Oh I’ll see him at the end of May but now I’m thinking I should have seen him a long time ago for it.” I’ll see him in 2 weeks. It just really stinks. I miss going to the yoga weights class and lifting. I’ve been doing a lot of biking/elliptical stuff these days, maybe ease into running. It’s getting old but at least we have Wi-Fi at the gym so I can watch 24! Thank goodness! I could go forever cardio-ing it up watching TV shows haha.

So yeah, when Kevin got off work, we took Ryder to get his hair cut at Cool Cuts. He watched some of Cars while getting his hair cut and loved it! Then we relaxed and caught up on Shark Tank & New Girl.

Saturday rolled around and I had big plans regardless of Kevin wanting to be involved in them or not haha ;) I had written on our whiteboard calendar…”Organize garage!” SO we did. Mainly Kevin as I cannot lift right now. Funny story, we started around 8 am and apparently our neighborhood/community was having a huge garage sale. Everyone was driving by REALLY slowly going past our house. I had to tell a handful of people, “Sorry we aren’t having a garage sale!” It was HILARIOUS! People were even parking & getting out of their cars and walking to us…awkward! A lady told me that there were like 180 houses in the garage sale hahahaha. So that was funny we randomly picked that day to go through our garage and clean, etc. I was SO glad to get the garage organized. It was kind of the last thing left to be organized since we moved in…haha. But to our defense, last summer it was kind of a workshop while we were doing the whole main level remodel. Pieces of flooring, kitchen parts, stuff to sell, everything was in there and covered in sawdust from equipment. So yeah. I was so glad to have it done! You have no idea how excited it makes me to have an organized garage. I tried to entertain Ryder while helping Kevin with the garage and keeping him out of the street. I got a Mickey Mouse folding chair from Kohl’s for literally free with a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon. He is obsessed with it. I had it on our front porch with snacks and my phone for him to “watch” videos of himself. It worked or a little bit. Then we ran some old Jeep tires to Discount Tires to dispose of them…just something that had been sitting in our garage.

Then we did some laundry, relaxed while Ryder was taking a nap and afterwards, met up with my mom and Hunter for bowling at Chipper’s Lanes. Ryder got the smallest size bowling shoes. SO cute! It was his first time bowling and he LOVED IT! He did great during the 1st game but the 2nd game it kind of went downhill. He started to get distracted and wanted to run around. I think 1 game is perfect. We got the little ball roller thing (whatever you call the thing that directs the ball down a straight line for little kids) for Ryder and it worked pretty good. He loved to hold on and watch the ball knock down the pins. He even liked to put his mouth on it…gross! It was really fun though. I think we will have to take him again soon, but pass on the bowling shoes and use socks or something. Surprisingly, bowling gets expensive!

Oh, forgot to mention that May 3rd was World Ankylosing Spondylitis Day! So I shared a picture of Ryder and I on Instagram & posted another random fact about AS. Wow, this disease just doesn’t leave me alone, physically, and well, in all ways. But I like to try to help spread awareness! It takes the average person 10 years to get diagnosed and within those 10 years, so much pain and suffering goes on, some of which can be avoided by early intervention of drugs such as biologics like Remicade, which I’m on. Some medicine can also prevent further joint damage. So I try to share facts because lots of people are undiagnosed and what if I could help anyone, or a friend of theirs who complains about back pain and maybe saw my post, or whatever? You catch the drift… Any who, it was World AS Day! A year ago, on World AS Day, I was in a bad place so I’ve come so far but am still not where I want to be.

After bowling, I went with my mom and Hunter to Mindy McBride’s Homecoming Party. She just got off her mission in Carlsbad, California so we went to say hi and catch up. It was fun. Then Kevin and I watched yet another Shark Tank episode and called it a night. That was literal a really long, productive, and fun packed day. My ribs killed though!!!

Then we had church, a Relief Society Presidency Meeting, a waffle dinner, and Kevin went off to a Stake Priesthood meeting… And we turned Ryder’s car seat around to forward facing! He loved it and I love it and it is so fun being able to turn around and take a peek at him while at a stop light or whatever. He is much more talkative now that he can see around outside so we have better conversation as well.

What a fun first week of May!


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