See ya later April!


{ April 28-30th, 2014 }

This is a little quick post to wrap up April, also, I haven’t uploaded any photos this month so this will have to do. I finished Hush Hush #2 (forget the title off the top of my head…very good!). We had a Relief Society Presidency meeting at my house and I felt like I was under water thanks to my ear infection. Having hearing problems is so awkward. Luckily, Kevin was willing to take Ryder to his swim lessons so I could sit above the water and still feel like I’m in the water haha, but really, I just watched them. It killed me that I couldn’t get in since swim lessons are actually fun for the adults too. I took some pictures of course! Kevin was the fun parent and let Ryder dunk the basketball. I am not that cool to have him do that…mainly I’m blaming it on strength haha. Then we had a little FHE before Kevin helped our friends, the Hererras’ move in the evening. I tried to workout and it was weird. The music was off and very loud since my hearing issues were going on. I ran into my friend Lauren Moore there and convinced her to do Advanced Step with me. That class is so fun but considering I wasn’t fully healthy it was really hard. Then we met up with our friend Raquelle WIlley and her son Cason at story time. Lauren Moore and her kiddos, Simone, and son, Harrison joined in. It was good to get out of the house and fun to catch up with friends. In the evening, we met up with our new friends Josh and Emily Peterson who just moved to Loveland. Josh is working for Zephyr with Kevin. We ate dinner at PF Changs and it was a good time. I did a little yoga the next day and did an Old Navy return. In the evening, Kevin went on a hard bike ride with the Young Men. He did fine but for non-bikers, apparently, it was crazy hard haha. I think they will look back on it and laugh because it seemed ridiculous. That’s about it. Just quickly tried to get back into the swing of things. Then MAY came! Woohoo!

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