{ Scenes from Last Week } May 12-18 + a Sick Baby


{ May 12-18, 2014 }

Hello! Another crazy week. Just going to touch upon some highlights…here goes!

>>> Kelsi babysat Ryder & he LIKED it! They played outside with Katinka. (Photos above)

>>> Ryder also has been working on kneeling to pray. He is ‘praying’ in the photo of him laying kind of on his play mat haha. It is so cute. I told him, “let’s pray!” and he kneeled like that! (Photos above)

>>> We finally got window well covers on our window wells! We’ve been in our house for about 2.5 years now & finally got them. Now, I don’t have to worry as much about Ryder falling in or him throwing balls in there, etc. SO GLAD its done! I got a good deal, then had coupons, & then offered to pay in cash to get it cheaper & they took it ;) If you need window well covers & are in Northern Colorado, let me know! You should go with who we used! (Photos above)

>>> My visiting teachers came over & Ryder had fun playing with Kirra, Tyler, & Katie (my visiting teachers’ (Emily & Lori) kiddos)!

>>> I caught up on Revenge. I kind of was losing interest mid-season but it got good at the end again. Not really sure what happened there!

>>> Kevin was out of town for business in Indianapolis from May 12-13.

>>> Ryder & I joined my family, along with Omi & Opi, and the Puccetti’s/Cluff’s at Red Robin. Ryder loved playing with the balloons prior dinner. He was running around like a crazy kid but then he poked his eye, no clue how, but I sort of have it on video, and started crying. He had a red dot on his eye for awhile after…actually, it’s been a week and now I am thinking I should check to see if it is gone ha. But it was sad! My dad read Ryder some books while at dinner and it was very cute (photos above).

>>> We went to Hunter’s choir concert at the Lincoln Center in downtown Fort Collins. He did great! (Photo above) Afterwards, we grabbed Coldstone Creamery. SO GOOD. I got a babysitter, Brooklyn, my friend, Candis’ younger sister, because Kevin was landing in Denver & wouldn’t make it home to watch Ryder. He did great apparently! Also, it was like his 2nd babysitting experience ever haha. Patrick came down from Boulder for a couple of days so it was fun to see him too since he went to the concert.

>>> Kevin & I used our Gap cash at Centerra which was FUN of course. It basically made everything 50% off. Then, since I had 2 Gap cash certificates, they let me do separate transactions & use 20% off coupons as well so basically, we did get some good deals from Gap. We got Ryder a bunch of clothes since he is the one outgrowing everything and I got a jean jacket (weirdly, I only have heavy winter coats)! Kevin looked at jeans but they weren’t on sale so I ordered him some later online when they went on sale. (His bag with some of his clothes/shoes got stolen at the airport so we are trying to slowly get stuff to replace what was lost. So annoying, right? Seriously, who steals bags at the airport…) Ryder is wearing that orange baseball shirt and red button up shirt (while playing soccer) which are both some of his new Baby Gap clothes. Love Gap.

>>> ENT Follow-Up: I went back for an ENT follow up appointment. Brooke, my doctor, vacuumed out the ear drops and said to wait and see within a couple of days if my hearing improved as my ear dried out. Just vacuuming out the drops helped with the hearing. I could tell then that it had helped but it wasn’t completely normal. But an improvement! If my hearing didn’t feel normal (including ringing, other noises, etc.) by next week (this week), I would need a hearing test which would help determine the next plan of action especially if I had hearing loss. I actually just got a hearing test today ;) But it was good news. My hearing was within the normal range. My ear drum isn’t moving normal yet but she saw drops on my ear drum that had dried so I will try to get those out by using hydrogen peroxide/water to flush it out. Hopefully doing that a couple times a day will help and within a few days, maybe my ear drum will move better. It is normal though after how much trauma my ear went through for it to take weeks or even a couple months or so to heal completely. Slowly, but surely…it better all come back!

>>> Date Night: I needed to pick up some books from the library (The Giver & The Book Thief) but didn’t have time on Friday, so I asked Kevin if he wanted to go to the library for our date night haha. He said yes, but he secretly didn’t want to go. What a great husband haha. After he got home, we ate some homemade pizza bagels and went to the library. Ryder played on the kid things there. Then I convinced Kevin to come with me to Kohl’s to use a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon. I wanted to see if they had a Nike Baseball outfit they had a few weeks prior with my last coupon. Unfortunately they didn’t have his size but we did get him a baseball bat/ball (to train him for BYU Baseball hehe) & Melissa & Doug Chunky vehicle puzzle. It ended up being like $6 for both so like $3 for each item. Pretty good price for sure! I usually try to get things for $1 when I go but Kevin was with me so we got fun things for Ryder. He did need another puzzle though. He dominates them & now has 3 total. After Ryder went to bed, we watched some astronaut movie that I totally forget the name of…it was good until the end…I think they needed to continue the story longer.

>>> Sick Baby Saturday! I actually feel bad but Ryder had been getting sick on Friday when we took him on our date night, etc. When we got home, Kevin & him hit the baseball around and RYDER WAS IN HEAVEN but I went to put him to bed & he was really hot & had a 103 fever!!! I then could tell, he wasn’t feeling well as I was trying to get him ready for bed. Ah, I felt horrible. I gave him some Motrin & put him to bed. Over the weekend, he was pretty pathetic also. It was sad. I’ve never seen him so needy and irritable. The medicine helps though. I watched Ryder on Saturday while Kevin did some yard work, got his haircut, got a new suitcase at TJ Maxx (his was stolen), filled up our propane tank, & got some groceries at King Soopers. I did indoor cleaning. Then after Ryder woke up from his nap & Kevin was home, we got him some fresh air since the weather was nice. We walked to the nearby, Water’s Way Park, and pushed him in the swings. Then Kevin helped him try to play basketball. Ryder liked to hold onto the net. We also played some baseball in a field. Ryder was loving it. I think it was good to get him out for a bit and to have fun. Then we all attempted to watch Planes together but Ryder lost interest. We had some yummy steak quesadillas for dinner & after Ryder went to bed, we watched Anchorman 2…wow, it definitely wasn’t as good as the 1st. It was kind of brutally…bad.

>>> Sunday was Ward Conference. Kevin had a meeting before church so he went to that and to sacrament. Then he came home and put Ryder to bed & I went to church for 3rd hour & straight to a Relief Society Presidency Meeting which we met with the Stake Relief Society. Then I came home and Kevin went to another church meeting haha. It was like swap watching Ryder day while the other goes to church day!

What a week! Ryder –now- has been on the upswing of his cold so I am so glad about that!

Anyways, Happy Wednesday!


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