Ryder’s 2nd Easter


April 20, 2014 : Ryder’s 2nd Easter

Having a child on the holidays really is THE BEST. It is so much more fun in my opinion. We started off our Easter with church, of course…well, right before, Kevin tried to take a few photos of Ry & I & Ryder is in “a stage”…well I hope it is a stage…where he HATES for me to hold him for pictures! Sad! He just squirms and whines to get down. So, we attempted that…and he played with a car outside. The weather was perfect and the day was starting off great. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that Ryder got the CUTEST seersucker suit from my parents to wear! Oh my gosh, his outfit was killing me. So anyways, yes, we went to church, and after Ryder took a nap. Church is so hard on him since it is during his nap. Anyways, after he woke up, we went to my parents for an Easter dinner & Easter egg hunt for the boys (Ryder, Hunter, & Zach). Last year, I participated in my families’ egg hunt, sort of, but I couldn’t walk without INTENSE pain in my SI joints. All about that HERE. That was when my Ankylosing Spondylitis was at ITS WORST ever! Kevin was out of town & my dad held Ryder & helped him get a few eggs. Basically, my memories of a year ago was pain, lots of pain, and well, gratitude for my family. At the end of THIS post, I said how, next year (this year), I hoped that I wouldn’t be in pain and would have my arthritis under control and that Kevin would be in town. I am happy to say that both things have happened! I am on Remicade which has gotten my AS in control, for the most part. I have come so far! Anyways, Ryder definitely knew what to do this year. He had his Easter bucket (thanks Pottery Barn – had credit ;) there) and just went to town. He ran around pointing at the eggs he saw, and then collecting them. Gosh, Kevin & I were dying watching Ryder. It was SO fun. He was so cute & we couldn’t have had a better day. Oh, and I made sure to match Ryder’s shoes…gotta love Saltwaters!!! So yeah, our Easter was just great! I wonder what next Easter will be like ;) Let’s hope I only have some improvements or progress to make.

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